anydvd seems to be attaching to “low filter” in my registry and that disengages my dvd player. how can I correct this???

I was using Anydvd just fine for months then last night it would not scan the disc and after I could not play any other dvd using my dvd drive.

I called HP tech support and they said anydvd was attaching to “low filters” on my registry . so we cleared it but that deleted anydvd. I re-installed it and the same thing occurred.

I’m so upset because anydvd works great and i can’t get it to workanymore …HELP…
Thanks Barry

My anydvd is not reading my dvd’s any longer.

HP tech support showed me anydvd is attaching to my registry under “low filters” and this is effecting my dvd drive.

I don’t understand why this happened it worked fine yesterday but today it is not working


[QUOTE=Docbarry16;2577131]anydvd seems to be attaching to “low filter” in my registry and that disengages my dvd player. how can I correct this???[/QUOTE]

You have to be more specific and give more details? Just uninstall it and see if you get your drive back. So where is the screen shot showing Anydvd being attached to your low filter?


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It is normal for AnyDVD to be listed in the lower filters of the registry. It does not interfere with the function of optical drives.

Look in my signature for a link to the Microsoft help page for optical drives. Follow the instructions on that page, and in specific, use the Fix It tool there.

If that doesn’t help, let us know in this thread.


I’ve read topics where people have this problem but I have never had it myself.
It would depend on your OS where this low filter is in the registry. You can safely delete that key but as you said AnyDVD may not work afterward.
My suggestion is to right click your problem drive in Windows Explorer.
Then make sure it is the selected as the default recorder.
I have Vista & the Driver Details look like this: