Say I try to backup “Night at the Museum” using shrink and it doesn’t work. If I run a program like AnyDVD then run shrink, will the move come out fine??

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The answer is Yes :iagree:

Basically there are two ways: using shrink directly on the original disc with anydvd running in background, or ripping the disc first on HDD and then use shrink on ripped files :slight_smile:

If you want to burn the entire disc on a DL disc, however, the better option is to rip first the entire disc as ISO file, and then burn the ISO on a dual layer disc.

yes, it should work, anydvd is a great wee program

whats the model number of your dvd/rw?

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For ARccOS protected titles you’ll need to use the AnyDVD Ripper to rip the title to your hard drive first. Most other titles can be opened directly off the disc.

Thanks for the welcome… I come here all the time to look for the best help and the best downloads. I’ve backed-up quite a few movies and I really enjoy using shrink rather than fab or fab decrypter cause I love using the options to make sure my picture quality comes out good using shrink, unless you guys recommend a better program?? Let me know what you guys first do when ya’ll put a DVD in your Rom if you only have one DVD Rom. I have a HPdvd840…

shrink is a great program. there’s a reason so many of us are hanging onto it so long after it’s become pretty much “obsolete” in terms of decryption!

i say obsolete in quptes because if you run anydvd in the background, you can use shrink like you normally would but with anydvd doing all the decryption jobs.

on a coupel particularly annoying titles you may have to use the anydvd ripper to rip to the hard drive THEN process with shrink, but most of the time you’ll be able to use shrink right from the disc.

and if you onyl have 1 dvd burner there’s really only one option. fire up anydvd, insert disc, open up shrink, make all of your selections and rip to hard drive. remove disc, insert blank dvd, burn, enjoy!

if you’re already comfortable with shrink, then the anydvd/shrink combo is great for you. many will also recommend clonedvd2 as a great complement to anydvd. I have all 3 and like them all.

the only thing i’d say clonedvd2 has that shrink doesn’t is the ability to remove extra titlesets, but keep the menu. id you remove titlesets in shrink, you cannot keep your menus.

ripit4me was great also but is no longer updated so i’m hesitant to recommend it. people still say it works great, but it’s obviously only a matter of time.

and dvd fab decrypter is the other free choice that i’m aware of that keeps on top of updates.

i’m sure i’m missing a ton of options since there are as many different backup methods as there are people on this forum, but anydvd and shrink is a perfectly good method.

anydvd and clonedvd are both available from and come with a fully functional 21 day trial so you ahve nothing to lose if you want to play with them before you decide whether you want to buy something or not.