I bought anydvd it says remove encryption ( CSS ) automatic as soon as you put a dvd in you burner.
Well I still dont have any sound on my dvd that I have burned because the CSS is still on it?? anyone know how to any dvd works with this matter or is my anydvd not working right?? :a
I am using 1 click dvd to burn with the anydvd,I use F drive on my computer,and the movie is Final Destination 3

Nothing is wrong with anydvd. What are you using to back up dvd besides anydvd. What dvd drive, what media what dvd??? You have to give us more info before we can try to help you.

1 click dvd to burn my dvd,F drive on my computer Final Destination 3, not sure media.
I have used this anydvd with other movie any the 1 click dvd and had not problems,until I tried to burn Final Destination 3 and war of the worlds with Tom Cruise.

I dont use one click so I have no info on that. I used the latest anydvd and clonedvd from and had no problems. You have to use the latest versions of these programs. Also what dvd drive do you have and what media are you using. Use dvd identifier or nero speed for that.

I use clone dvd 2 with any dvd and that one works fine. The only ones I cant copy yet are the ones by sony, benchwarmers, the ringer, and underworld 2. If anyone knows how to copy these without the director commentary coming up let me know!

Have you guys tried to change the audio using your DVD players’ remote control? Sometimes that’s all it is caused by the commentary audio coming on by default.

Are you using the latest versions of clonedvd and any dvd from I know for sure you can backup these with anydvd and clonedvd!! See mbk post above.

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This thread will help you I think there were a few that copied the movie fine.