I’m having problems with my computer locking up everytime I try putting forgotten into my dvd drive. I have made backup copies before using anydvd and clone dvd without any problems. I have the lastest versions of both software. Is there some type of bug in anydvd that is causing this to happen? I have disabled all the active processess on my computer during startup and still no luck.

Forgotten - what version? Region? Country? UPC numner?

Hi Ollie,

Thanks for the reply. The forgotten is from region 1, USA, Widescreen. And being kind of a newbie with anydvd and clone dvd, I can’t find the upc code.

Try another copy of the DVD.

Reading the forums, is there new versions that came out that replaced the first released versions? Is there a defect in the disk? I will try a new disk when I pick when up.


Shouldn’t be a problem for AnyDVD Version, 2005 01 17 or later. You are using the latest version (, are you?

Yes. I’m using the latest version. As soon as anydvd recognizes the dvd “Forgotten,” it locks my computer up. In fact, if I have anydvd running in the background during when I try and just watch Forgotten it locks up my computer.

Hello together,

Same problem here with “The Forgotten” (Die Vergessenen) German rental version (Region2).
When trying to read “VTS_02_2.VOB” with different drives Explorer hangs when using Anydvd
Other apps like Instant, Shrink also can’t read the disk properly and abort operation.

Any hints?

Can’t be the “same” problem. Send IFOs to bugs(at) and SlySoft support.

Olli, seriously, don’t worry about it!

It’s the same ‘slightly modified’ ARccOS protection that now handles and a non faulty disc rips fine.


You are right AnyDVD detected Arccos protection but the disc looked brand new and there were no visible scratches so I doubted about a disc fault and thought it was a new variation of Arccoss.

As I bought AnyDVD, donated for Decrypter, which also didn’t rip the full disc, and tried it on three drives I’m happy to hear that only the disk was damaged and my investments in SW & HW are safe :wink:

Anyway to be sure I’ll send the requested files to support when I’m back at home.

DVD Decrypter can rip this disc, you just need the PSL file for it, which you can get off my forum.

The log it creates would probably also come in handy because at least we’ll know the real error then.

Like I said, the disc does rip fine using the PSL, I’ve had loads of people tell me so - and you can see for yourself if you read the thread.

Hi all,

After trying and trying to solve the problems I was having with Anydvd and the Forgotten, I tried DVD Region+CSS Free and DVD XCopy. It worked like a charm for me. Sorry anydvd, I’m taking my business else where.

Thanks for trying to help.

I think Olli & co would like to know how this title has not copied, as this was sorted out weeks ago.

If you read my post it will explain. I used the same dvd with both Anydvd and DVD Region+CSS Free. Anydvd locked up my computer. I couldn’t even play the Forgotten on my dvd player without it locking up. Maybe someone could tell me why?

Have you sent in the IFOs ?

This will help your problem.

If AnyDVD “locks up” this is usually caused by a conflicting driver. Maybe one, you have already forgotten about. You can try to tun AnyDVD in “Safe Mode”, this may help, but in the long run it would be good to know, what is conflicting.

I have tried what you posted and I too now have a backup of The Forgotten. I tried everything in this post and this movie would not work. DVD Region+css worked first try no problem. I used Clone DVD to copy though. I have DVD X copy but it would hang up when I tried to copy this DVD. I have version 3.2.1 Platinum.

I’m changing over to clonedvd also. It’s a good program and works well with DVD Region+CSS Free. I’m also going to try dvdfab platinum. Works like clonedvd.

Sorry Olli,
I don’t have time to try and find what driver is causing a conflict with another driver. I’m a big PC Gamer as well and have a lot of different games installed. For all I know it could be an ATI driver conflict. Who knows? However, DVD Region+CSS Free works well with the way my computer is setup. I do agree with a lot of the forums that your program is probably very good. It just dosn’t work with my setup.