I have a Gateway 600YG2 with external Sony DRX-710UL (usb), Windows XP SP2. The sofware that came with the DVD burner is Nero Rev. 5.31w. Will the Anydvd Driver work with this setup? Will I be able to copy my DVD movies with Nero after I install it?

Yes, it should work. AnyDVD has a 21 days unlimited trial, so you can check that it works before you hand over money.

I install AnyDVD which did work but when I use Nero says the disk won’t fit on my DVD disk? Do I need a differant program or what? :confused: Any help for this problem!!! Thanks

Nero Burning ROM cannot shrink the DVD movie - you can use it for one-to-one copies only which will not be possible if the original DVD is larger than 4.7 GB.

You should be able to use Nero Recode, however.

“You should be able to use Nero Recode, however” I don’t know much about this program, what/or where do you mean? Thanks

Nero Recode is a separate download. It’s included in the Nero Vision Express 3 download. If you get that and install it you will be able to use Recode.