AnyDVD Won't Work

I am new to AnyDVD and have installed it on both my old Windows XP machine and a new Dell Dimension Windows XP machine (which has tons of hard drive and 3 GB of RAM). On both computers, I get the settings window when I double click on the AnyDVD link. However, when I place a DVD in the DVD drive, nothing happens. I can not get AnyDVD to start up and run on either machine. I had a friend over who had recommended this program to me. He runs it all the time on his computer and he also could not get it to work.

I have downloaded the latest AnyDVD program today (April 10) so should be running the latest and greatest version of the program. However I did not want to pay for a license until I can get it to work.

Are there any obvious fixes I can try?


ok… you do know anydvd runs in the background? it removes copy protection, but isnt a transcoding program. Check if there is a fox in the bar in the bottom right hand corner of your screen

also please list any and all dvd related programs that you have installed on your system.

dvd43 is one of a few known conflicts with anydvd.

have you uninstalled anydvd including registry info and tried reinstalling it cleanly. re-download the file from for the new installation to ensure that you did not start with a corrupt file.

I guess I was going off of what my friend said, who told me a window should open that then allows you to copy the DVD. He has used the program for a long time, so maybe he is running an older version that works differently? Maybe my problem is that I’m having trouble locating an instruction guide for how to operate the program. Can you point me to one? Do you simply put in the DVD, then copy the DVD with Roxio, etc.? I thought there was more to it than that.


I am using Nero Express that came with my Memorex DVD burner on one computer, and a Roxio program that came with my Dell on the other computer. Both computers behave exactly the same - when I put in a DVD, nothing appears to happen.

yup you can rip with anydvd, right click the fox and click rip to hard disk. However it wont transcode (shrink the movie to fit on a dvd-5) so unless you are burning to a dl disk, i would say download the trial of clonedvd2

is there a fox in the task bar?

if you right click the fox and click “rip video-dvd to hard disk” anydvd should begin to rip the dvd. (or go to start>program files>slysoft>anydvd Rippe…or something like that)

this will rip a 1:1 copy of the disc to files on your hard drive than you can then burn with whatever program you want. you may need a program to transcode the files if you want to burn to a single layer disc.

clonedvd2 and anydvd are very compatible with one another and recommended programs in my book! both can be obtained from

haha haveacigar got in before me, but our answers were exactly the same. that’s how you know you’re getting good advice!

Yep… both within the same minute even though were on opposite sides of the world :wink:

DVDShrink and IMGburn is the way to go!

that’s nice, but this poster asked about how to get his anydvd to work.

also, i’d like to know how you’re backing up ripguarded titles with outdated software like dvd shrink…

She has a point… but i still have shrink on my computer to make sure that the rip wont fail half way.

dvd shrink is an awesome program, but there’s no denying that it does not remove new copy protections by itself.

use it in conjunction with anydvd and you’re golden. shrink has some valuable features that other transcoders do not, but it is NOT a good decrypter by today’s standards.

then again if you haven’t bought a new movie in the last year and half or so then it will probably work just fine for you.

Thanks for the help. I can see now how I wasn’t using AnyDVD correctly. Also, I downloaded CloneDVD and everything is working like I expected now. I appreciate the help.