AnyDVD won't play copies, they play with AnyDVD disabled



Since you have 5 setups at your house, write a movie onto a DVD+R, set the booktype to DVD-ROM, put it into a DVD drive with AnyDVD (latest version) enabled. If you can test that exact configuration and come up with a negative result, then it would be useful. Otherwise…

I am not able to get any negative results, I even went thru the trouble of making a copy with advert and extra’s, I messed with AnyDVD settings, no error’s

AnyDVD4.5.6.2 if there is another, I havn’t found a reason to upgrade yet, Have you tried ClonDVD? because I havn’t tried to burn anything with DVD Shrink, DVD2One or Nero… I doubt if those have anything to do with the issue …

I just looked at the history log, there have been 4 upgrades since mine…lol


Ditch those NForce drivers as they cause problems and install M$ IDE drivers. Uninstall them in the device manager and reboot. It should install M$ drivers on re-boot. Also uninstall Busmaster IDE drivers if you have them. If that don’t help you can always re-install the NForce ones back if you want.


Only 2 systems are NForce. The other two are NOT. So, it’s not the NForce drivers.


NForce drivers cause a lot of trouble, but in this case I believe it is a problem caused by the combination of AnyDVD, the drive firmware and the fact, that the discs booktype is changed to DVD-ROM.
I believe that SlySoft can solve this problem, if you send good logfiles.


I haven’t had any problems with any newer nForce IDE drivers. We all know they have had problems in the past, but it doesn’t mean that they do now.


Thanks, Olli. I agree in regards to it being an issue of AnyDVD getting confused by the Booktype. Since it is happening on so many different drives (4 writers, 2 ROM), I doubt the firmware has much to do with it.

I just wish that I had any faith in Slysoft’s support. So far, their responses have been absolutly horrible. Below is a transcript of what has happened so far. As you can see, they asked one (1) question, and the rest was just attempts to brush off the problem. They don’t seem to be interested in investigating what is going on, and that pisses me off.

Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 10:18 PM
Subject: AnyDVD Support
Customer: ME

Product : AnyDVD
Version :
OS : Windows XP Pro
Drive(s): NEC 2510A, Firmware 2.16, Region 1
Title(s): Any

AnyDVD is giving me a “Bad Media” error message whenever I
insert a copied DVD while it is running. If I disable or
exit AnyDVD, the discs play with no problems. It has no
trouble with the originals.

I have tried enabling Safe Mode, I have tried disabling the
“Remove Annoying Adverts …” setting, etc. For some
reason, it just doesn’t like my burned DVDs.

These discs are burned on a variety of drives (HP 200, NEC
2510A, Pioneer 108, NEC 3520), and several different DVD+R
media (PIOData and RITEK), at speeds from 2.4x to 8x. All
of the discs have the booktype set to DVD-ROM.

Any clues? I’m using AnyDVD on my Home Theater PC, and it
is not possible to enable/disable it “at will” - or at
least not possible to train my girlfriend to do it when she
wants to watch a movie.


From: “SlySoft Support” <
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 11:47 AM
Subject: Re: AnyDVD Support (en ticket 1111699127)


What other CD/DVD software is installed on your PC? This might be some kind of driver conflict.

Best regards,

John Smith
Customer Support

To: “SlySoft Support” <>
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 8:07 PM
Subject: Re: AnyDVD Support (en ticket 1111699127)

The only other DVD software is Nero 6 (don’t know the exact point version - recent within a month). This is occuring even on a machine that has no burning software installed.

From: “SlySoft Support” <>
Sent: Saturday, March 26, 2005 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: AnyDVD Support (en ticket 1111699127)


Thank you for your reply.

You don’t need AnyDVD for copied DVDs. They don’t have protections on them, therefore AnyDVD can be deactivated before working with them.

Best regards
Bernd Hartings
SlySoft, Inc.

To: “SlySoft Support” <>
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 3:51 AM
Subject: Re: AnyDVD Support (en ticket 1111699127)

Well, that’s fine and good, but I have it running on my Home Theater PC. I keep it active so that I can skip commercials and navigation lockouts. There’s no way I’m going to have to teach everyone in the house how to turn it off just to watch a DVD.

Are you acknowledging that this is an actual problem/bug, or is this just an easy answer to close the ticket?

From: “SlySoft Support” <>
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 05:12 PM


The deactivation of AnyDVD requires a simple right-click.
Even my seven year old nephew can do this.

Best regards
Bernd Hartings
SlySoft, Inc.

To: “SlySoft Support” <>
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 08:04 PM

Gee, what wonderful support. Don’t try to figure out the actual problem, just insult the customer. Wish my boss would let me do it that way.

Now, let’s make it a little clearer. It’s a Home Theater PC. It is running a HTPC program, full time. It doesn’t have a mouse hooked up full time. It uses a remote control. Does AnyDVD support a remote control? The display involved is an HDTV. As in “overscan”. As in you can’t actually see most of the taskbar, much less the icon tray. Can your seven year old nephew do it blindfolded?

So, let’s treat this like a customer support request, and not a slapdown, OK? I’m ready and willing to help you track this issue down, and solve it so you don’t have to tell any more customers what your seven year old nephew can or cannot do. Sound like a plan?

As a professional software developer for more than 20 years, and having to handle customer support for the software I write, I can understand some of the frustrations in dealing with customers, especially those who don’t seem to want to help solve the problem. But I also have very little tolerance for being denigrated for asking for reasonable customer service. How about we take this up a notch, back to a more professional footing? I seem to remember having paid for this software.


Sorry to hear this, but once they get into it, the support is outstanding :wink:
Anyway, please name all DVD-ROMs and DVD-Writers showing this problem. Also name, if you use +R or -R Media. I’ll try to reproduce the problem and send a bug report to SlySoft. (Yes, they do listen to me sometimes :slight_smile: )


Pioneer 108 (latest Piodata firmware), NEC 2510A, NEC 3520A, HP200 are the burners. I have a Samsung CDRW/DVD-ROM and at work a Dell CDRW/DVD-ROM (HL-DT-ST GCC-4481B, whatever the heck that is). They are in 4 different computers. All of them exhibit this sympton when AnyDVD is enabled and I insert one of my backup DVDs.

All the media is +R (RITEC and ProDisc, various batches/speeds), and the booktype is set on all the media I burn. I’ll sacrifice a disc to the troubleshooting gods and burn one without just to see.

There’s just too much variation in hardware, software, firmware, versions, etc. to lay this all on NForce drivers or whatever particular axe a person has to grind. These systems all have one thing in common - AnyDVD and DVD+R discs with Booktype DVD-ROM.

I’ll be delighted if Slysoft proves me wrong and starts taking this seriously. But I haven’t heard back since my last email on Sunday, so they may have just written me off. If they have, and they expect me to not to raise a ruckus over it, they will learn some lessons on what happens when you abuse/ignore your customers. Frankly, doing some searches turned up the fact that I’m not the first customer that Bernd Hartings has pissed off with his flippant responses.


Honestly, what customer support do you expect for a product for 39,- USD?
You can be happy that you have received an answer at all! :wink: This is more than you get from a lot of other companies, including Microsoft.
Anyway, if SlySoft agrees that it is their fault (and I am confident, that they will) you should send them a logfile.


maybe this statement will help you, for one you did write it

I’ve got an odd one (at least I couldn’t find a similar report by searching).

I have asked if you could try CloneDVD, it is free to use for 21days, full version, I am not asking you to buy it, but to just try and see if you get the same results…

More then likely it is NOT a hardware issue. maybe Software?

There’s just too much variation in hardware, software, firmware, versions, etc.

for me too and many others, but this seems to be only affecting you, maybe you should relax a little and let someone really help instead of telling us, what it is not

like Ollie said “what customer support do you expect for a product for 39,- USD?”

$39 bucks, thats it


@src666 - I understand the frustration of something not working EXACTLY how you want it to, but really, this is not a big issue. Your whole gripe is that you can’t skip adverts on your DVDs, is this really a dealbreaker? So remove them from the discs before you burn them, or DISABLE AnyDVD when you are not using it. For $39, does it not do enough for you by decrypting the DVDs & releasing updates promptly for new protections? I understand your frustration to a degree, but the world & AnyDVD were not built around your “Home Theater PC.”


What, exactly, does CloneDVD do differently than NERO, DVD2One or DVDShrink when writing the structure of the disc? Exactly how will this help diagnose the problem. Just curious.

djmind, my “whole deal” is that with AnyDVD enabled, my computer CANNOT read my burned discs. The entire reason I bought AnyDVD was to run on the HTPC, for ripping and for convenience of playback. If it doesn’t do what I bought it for (and there was NO indication on their website, FAQ or anywhere else that it wouldn’t), then I am on pretty solid ground to ask for customer support.

Regarding “What do you expect for $39?”, I’ve bought a LOT of hardware and software in my life, some of it for more than $39, some for less. Here’s what I expect:

  1. It works as advertised.
  2. If it doesn’t work, the maker gives a shit and takes some effort to find out why and maybe how to fix it.

If 1 and 2 aren’t there, then in my experience the company is just a target for another vendor, one who does care, to kill in the marketplace.

For a vendor to actively and aggressively NOT give a shit, well that takes it to another level. At that point, I start telling people to avoid the product. I know a lot of people. I doubt it will make a dent in the market share, but I get the satisfaction of knowing that there are X customers they didn’t get because they chose to treat me badly.

Right now, I’m in “wait and see” mode with Slysoft. I sent my response to their last response on Sunday, and haven’t heard back. It’s on them to step up and start acting like the professionals they purport to be. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten 3 people to hold off on purchasing AnyDVD, pending the resolution of this. Maybe there are more who came to this forum and found this thread, and thought “Hey, maybe this isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I won’t buy it today.”

The only people who can change this are SlySoft, by stepping up, working with me to solve the problem, and losing the “we don’t care, we don’t have to” attitude.


I know this doesn’t help your current situation,but have you tried
decrypter? Not only is it free but at least it’s another alternative.I too forked out hard earned money for Anydvd before coming across Decrypter, and have donated via paypal more money than it cost me to purchase Anydvd. Guess what everytime a new version of Decrypter is released i donate some more without even thinking about it.I think we all need to support the smaller


Decrypter won’t help him for HTPC use.


I have come to the conclusion you do not want my help, you question someone troubleshooting tactics, you came to this forum asking for help.

As said before how much customer support do you want for $39 bucks? I do know that any company that is having problems with multiple customers and having the same defect will jump on the problem and resolve the issue, and I have seen slysoft and company do it within a day or less

The problem here is you: scr666, Again how much do you want for $39? No one else has reported your problem, from what you are telling us, AnyDVD is doing the proper job, you have removed the CSS protection and created your backup. AnyDVD was designed to remove copy protection, it was not designed to be a addon for your HTPC, if that is something you want, then you should go hire a technician for $150hr and then he can troubleshoot your setup.

BTW you made this statement:

I’ve gotten 3 people to hold off on purchasing AnyDVD, pending the resolution of this.

Im not with slysoft, but me personally I think it’s a crock of shit.

You get better results with honey…


Exactly Hamp, Thank You! :iagree:

You are an a$$hole, new on forum & trying to tell everyone whats what. You want everyone to solve your problem, but bitch about everything we say.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


Hello Folks,

I have been a registered user of AnyDVD for approximately 1-½ years and frequently visit the CDFreaks Forum.

I have used AnyDVD to back-up a couple of hundred DVD’s and have never experienced the problem that src666 is reporting in this thread. I have on numerous occasions had AnyDVD running in the back ground (enabled) and played backed up DVD’s on my three computers and have never had a problem.

The following is a quote posted on the SlySoft.Com AnyDVD purchase Web Page (

“Important Note! Our products are sold as a “try-before-buy” software. You can try them 21 days for free, so you have enough time to check the program and its functions.

SlySoft Inc. doesn’t refund your money if you are not satisfied with our products - so take your chance and test it out before you buy!”

I believe src66 should have tested AnyDVD in his Home Theater Personnel Computer system before purchasing the product.

I believe since the year and half that AnyDVD has been on the market that no one other than src666 has reported this unique problem that src66 might think about “operator error”.

The staff at SlySoft provides excellent support for their products. Valid reports of software errors are judicially corrected in a quick and timely manner. I think scr666 is off the mark in his attempt to bad mouth an excellent product. Instead of bad mouthing an excellent product it would be more productive for him to actively assist in trouble-shooting the problem. In one of src66 postings in this thread he states that he is a “professional software developer for more than 20 years”. I believe that someone with 20 years of software experience would more than qualified to assist the SlySoft support staff in troubling-shooting his unique problem.

Does User Error ring a bell ?



When he completely wipes his hard drive, gets a fresh install of winblows, and then installs AnyDVD, and drops the attitude maybe people will take him more seriously. It’s not like people here haven’t been trying to help him. SlySoft isn’t an uber corporation…they’re likely busy. If they piss off one user while trying to satisfy MANY others by fixing legitimate, reproducable bugs, well, that’s business.

As for the error, I would simply wipe the machine and try again if it were me and I REALLY cared that much about it.


Yes, Yes, Yes, can’t think it enough

User Error User Error User Error User Error User Error User Error User Error …


You say you want to “skip straight to the movie, bypassing all the ads/FBI warnings, etc. that the producers normally force you to watch.”

How about using the aforementioned “Remote Control” to skip or fast forward through the ads/FBI warnings, etc. and stop your B1tch1n. :iagree:

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind