AnyDVD + Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit

I am having a problem with getting even the Version of AnyDVD to work in Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit version.

See attached picture…

The same exact thing happens even when I try to run CloneDVD (It’s the image on the left)

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

I wish I had a better memory on the specifics, but I have read somewhere in the past week that this issue is very much intentional on Microsoft’s part. What I don’t remember was if the intention is to protect drm or to protect the Vista kernel. Again IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY this behavior currently only effects Vista 64 bit. Hopefully someone can post one of the articles on this.

Over the last few months, I’ve also read several articles that imply that both Vista & the next gen hardware have the capability to rigidly enforce drm much more so then today. It may be that XP will be the last useful MS OS. Time to learn Linux…

Bah, that sucks. I am thinking about going to Windows Vista 32 Bit. I’ve had a few problems in 64 bit to where I can’t get my printer to work, ect, ect.

I was hoping the Slysoft Corp. were working on some “fixes” for this but who knows what that might come out since Vista “technically” hasn’t been publically released yet.

I believe all drivers for the 64bit version of Vista have to be signed, unlike the 32bit version which will allow you to force the installation of an unsigned driver.

Dee I thought it was the other way around on this at the moment? 32 bit it’s ok and the 64 bit has to be forced. :doh:

I believe this is what Dee meant.
64bit Vista requires signed drivers, 32bit Vista doesn’t.
In other words:
AnyDVD, CloneDVD & CloneCD work on 32bit Vista.
On 64bit Vista they don’t. In some post James (SlySoft) said, that they will have signed drivers for Vista 64 bit in January 2007.

BTW, Dee, Kudos for your (and Liggy’s) NEC Firmware. I love it! (Sorry, I just had a spontaneous outburst of sympathy :bow: )

Hey I don’t mind I just read it differently I guess. LOL

If you boot vista x64 with the F8 option then you can select disable driver signing…anydvd will run then.

Uh…you will have to do that for every reboot tho.

Ok I will try that thank you so much!

Did the F8 during boot up and disabled the driver signing. Everything works fine now and yes you do have to F8 and disable EACH time you restart the computer or it will not work.

Thanks Darkeyce!

I wouldn’t blame Slysoft on this - I would tend to think it is Microsoft making them jump through hoops that is taking so long.

That said, maybe a dual boot with 32 bit XP and Vista?

64 bit is ok if you use the F8 feature as mentioned prior.

It’s hard to get mad at MS over stuff like this…“people” have been bashing MS over securioty in thier OS’s for years. the 64-bit chips support thing that MS can now use to enforce taht security…The price is taht stuff that used to work, now need you to explicityly bypass the security and take the risk on yourself…or the companies get thier drivers signed…IF enough people complain to software manufactures, the manufacturers will (i suppose) envetually get signed. Eventually all the legit stuff will be signed and it wont be a problem anymore… Until then however :sad:

(don’t get me wrong…not saying its easy to dev a 64-bit driver, but i’m under the impression the signing is just submitting it to MS for approval? I could find out…jsut too lazy to check right now.)

AnyDVD, CloneCD & CloneDVD will not run on Windows Vista 64-bit.
Upgrades are planned for January 2007.