AnyDVD will not totally exit

I have a problem that is happening more frequently. When I close AnyDVD after I finish backing up a movie, I close AnyDVD but I cannot use any cd/dvd drives until I restart my computer kinda like anydvd is still on and wont let it work. Even when i manually open my dvd player it doesn’t even see a disc in the player. I have all the newest software AnyDVD v5.4.4.1 and cloneDVD v2.8.5.1 I have a lite-on dvd burner v1693s 16x dual layer and use dvd-r memorex media. I have a amd athlon 3000+ 1GIG ram, geforce 6600GT videocard ASUS A7V8X motherboard. My DVD player is Cyberlink powerdvd player. I don’t want to keep having to cycle my computer everytime I back up a movie Please Help!!!


             You need to make sure you have the AnyDVD option " PC-Friendly(Autorun on Video DVD)" disabled (unchecked)  that way your cd/dvd drives can recognize  the DVD.

And also, check in the drive properties to see if anything is disabled. Hope this helps you.

The simple workaround to solve your problem: Leave AnyDVD enabled. It won’t hurt. It will make Windows recognise diskchanges better. It will help Windows display the correct volume labels on DVDs. It will make your DVD Player Software Region Free. It will allow you to skip over adverts and trailers. It can reduce the noise of your drive if you wish. In other words: It is an essential utility. Helping copy programs is just one feature of this program.

Nope. This has absolutely nothing to do with the problem. This option does only disable autorun on VIDEO DVDs. It should always be enabled, unless you want Internet Explorer to open or other useless tools start if you insert a DVD movie in your drive.
Use the right mouse button in AnyDVD settings for more information.

It’s pretty sad that slysoft had to fix windows bugs. Maybe someday MS will get their head out of their nether region and fix it.

Tru: You are very knowledgeable about AnyDVD and Clone DVD, you remind me of someone else on this forum. It is a pleasure to know that when there is a problem you are here to help. Thankyou.

Ok I will leave it enabled, I guess It couldn’t hurt right? I just don’t understand why it doesn’t exit all the way out it never did that to me before untill this version.

Thank-you very much since I have it start with windows everytime I have not had a single problem…Thanks-again…