AnyDVD Will not run

I downloaded AnyDVD from the SlySoft website. Used it through the trial period. I then purchased the registration key. Downloaded key and saved to desktop, opened and ran registration key, window opens saying key ok restart AnyDVD. I then restart computer, try to open AnyDVD, window opens saying ‘Your trial has expired’. Tried Removing and reinstalling AnyDVD several times, nothing seems to work. Running AnyDVD version, on Windows XP Home Edition. Any ideas? I’ve emailed SlySoft support and haven’t received a reply.

Slysoft can be a little slow answering, but they will eventually. Just keep emailing. There have been a number of such complaints. Try a forum search. They really a good company with a great product.

you could also check your isp’s spam folder, as some emails gets lost in there