Anydvd will not open. When reinstalled it says that my dvd drive is not present

Anydvd will not open. When reinstalled it says that my dvd drive is not present.
Then after that it will not open agian, what do i do? I have the newest anydvd update. help??

thank you. I tried a crack but I did not know how to work it so how do i take the crack off so i can use anydvd and clone dvd, i just need to back up talladega nights. thank you

I hope your antivirus program is up to date. I would also run some sort of trojan scanner.

I’m sorry. I cannot help you further.

In the future, I recommend using the free trial. If you like the program, then buy it.

If you haven’t bought the program and are using a crack I’m glad it ain’t working for you.

I have 1 word ( ignorant ) sorry but it’s that obvious… The program isnt that much money and if you pay for it you get to support a software company that gives you updates forever! Over the next year it will come out to you paying pennies for all the work they will put into this. Also there is NOT any better alternative… Anydvd is (to me) thhe only software you can use if you are serious about backing up youre movies. Just think about it. To anyone using cracks or anything like that you are hurting the company thats making a 1 of a kind program. and if they go out of buissness what do we use then?
I also am not directly acussing anyone of useing cracks but just trying to show how I feel… Thank-you

Another one bites the dust… :bigsmile:

And if you buy it now you will get a $5 discount and also beat the $10 price rise that is taking effect at the start of the year - so you could be saving yourself $15 buying AnyDVD now :flower: :clap:

:clap: Nice 1 bubbles I forgot that…

I have to tell you ive been lurking in this sight for over a year now i usually get the info i need and go about my way, but recently yall have put a thorn in my side. I suppose i just need to say this and get it off my chest and i hope it doesnt get me banned from the site but if it does so be it i guess. Here goes lately yall have been all up and down some one that you think is using a cracked copy of anydvd. But if you are all honest you are using anydvd to crack every movie you burn. I know you will say that you can make one backup copy but lets be honest the majority of you are renting the movie and burning it and if you do buy it you are making copyies for friends so lets quit being hypocrites.

I think it’s both. People are using cracks and burning rented movies(making movies for friends,relatives etc…) but who knows for sure. There’s always a lot more lurkers than there are registered viewers here. Rules are rules and you [B]cannot[/B] discuss copying a rented movie here[B].[/B]

Would that be “ironic” or “irony” ???

It would be the rules. This thread is now closed. If you like AnyDVD buy the program. Using cracks and ironic situations are not helping anyone with a genuine software problem that owns the program.