AnyDVD vs. DVDDecrypter

which tool is better for removing DVD protection from DVD movies?

DVD Decrypter’s development has stopped, is the last version.
Therefore, if left alone it cannot handle the latest types of protections, like [I]Sony ARccOS[/I].

AnyDVD is under constant development, and is always up-to-date with recent copyprotection techniques (recently also FluxDVD has been added to its list). However, [I]AnyDVD[/I] works in the background and simply remove the copyprotections, so you’ll still need a tool for ripping/shrinking (DVD Decrypter, CloneCD, CloneDVD, DVD Shrink, …). The combo [I]AnyDVD[/I]+[I]DVD Decrypter[/I] works very well for ripping full ISO images (single and double-layered), I use it a lot (together with ImgBurn, of course). :iagree:

Another way (this one fully freeware) which is becoming very popular is to use the Ripit4me tool (see also this thread here at [I]CDFreaks[/I]). :wink:



I have always found that a straight up Slysoft Software combo works wonders for me… unless I want to make an image of the DVd, in which cases I use DVD Decryptor w/ AnyDVD to remove protections. :bow:

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RipIt4Me with DVD Decryptor is better than AnyDVD imo. It doesn;t need updating before a new DVD works with it. I have had DVD’s work in RipIt before AnyDVD can handle the same discs. This mainly affects R2 countries rather than R1. The updates for RipIt so far has been to enhance the program capabilties rather than change the Arcoss removal function.

I still use a Slysoft combination to do that…CloneCD and AnyDVD work great for making 1:1 copies. :slight_smile:

That will probably always be the case because ripit4me creates a PSL file and then runs fixvts to clean it up(if necessary) to fix the DVD structure. AnyDVD has an older version of FixVTS built in. They’re trying to decide what is the best way to upgrade it to the latest code. But, while ripit4me will handle the latest protections, it still has the drawback of having to rip to the hard drive first whereas AnyDVD can work directly with the disc. Plus Slysoft is not exactly known for being lax when it comes to supplying fixes when it can’t rip a disc. I consider a couple of hours an acceptable response time. :wink: They have been really good about that.

I don’t look like working off the disc and prefer ripping anyway. I can rip a DVD in less than 15 minutes. Doing it with AnyDVD takes much longer and I rather not put strain on the drive at the same time. I see it as a advantage rather than a drawback.

I have had to wait days (up to a week in some cases) for anyDVD to work with new R2 DVD’s.

I can honestly say CloneDVD and AnyDVD has not failed on any discs I’ve tried it on in a LONG time. Granted, I’m not dealing with R2 and I know they had some issues with Greek discs recently. The problem is they can’t seem to get ahold of the discs in that particular region(R2 is not apparently uniform from what I gather). So, yea, that does suck and that’s also why I keep R4M as a backup program on my machine, as well.

However, I like working directly off the original. I only rip what I need that way. If I’m doing movie only with menu it’s much faster than ripping the whole thing to the hard drive. Typical disc for me is about 9 minutes.

But, the best thing is to have choices. No one program will suit everyone’s needs. In the end, I like having both kicking around.

RipIt4Me has more than just full disc mode. It also has movie only, movie and menus (no extras) and ISO mode. The ISO mode is great at making a ISO with Arcoss intact that can be put straight through to burn.

I managed to rip one movie including menus and no extras in less than 5 minutes.

It does seem that different R2 countries have different Arcoss/Ripguard protections.

Ah, that’s right, I forgot they added those modes. But, there’s always the possibility that you’ll still have to compress it which takes additional time and more hard drive space. I’m not trying to be difficult or anything like that, just pointing out the facts. For me, AnyDVD makes it as simple as possible and I enjoy it. I can definitely appreciate why you use R4M as it works well for you. That’s what I meant about having choice. Truly awesome.

Yea, you R2 guys really get the shaft on that one. Makes it difficult for a company like Slysoft to keep up. Fortunately, again, you have R4M. So, that’s good. Hopefully AnyDVD will catch up if it hasn’t already.

well then if RipIt4Me, Even though I also got it, doesn’t need to be updated to take care of latest protections, how come the PSL2 Plugin from PGCEdit had to be updated to take care of protections of DVD’s?

It doesn’t. They haven’t changed the way the basic removal is done. As I said before, it will rip DVD’s in R2 before AnyDVD and DVDFAB can and that is just using the current version (and the latest FixVTS). What the updates have changed is what it does after removing the Arcoss. They have improved the cleanup (IFO’s) afterwards. This is something that DVDFAB doesn’t even do. AnyDVD does to some extent but uses a old version of FixVTS to do it (called AnyDVD Ripper). Other updates are for changing how the program runs.

The same applies to RipI4Me. It is the PSL that does the work and finds the Arcoss. It’s updates has been for adding program features (a lot of them) and how it cleans up the DVD afterwards. So far, this program cleans up the DVD better than the Pgcedit Plugin. I use both of them.

Everyone going to have thier own personnal combination the use.

for me AnyDVD w/DVD Decryptor has done everything I have ever asked from them.

Still use DVDShrink along with these 2 once in awhile.

My suggestion would be to try both (RipI4Me is free and AnyDVD has a free trial) and see which one you are more comfortable with because i do not think you can go wrong with either program being suggested here.


You will probably never see the PSL2 plugin for PgcEdit updated anymore. Now that RipIt4Me is here, there’s no need. Now the author of PgcEdit can concentrate on what his program was meant for. It was never meant as a ripping program.

by any chance, is AnyDVD Ripper gonna be updated anytime soon to the latest FixVTS version?

It doesn’t look like it atm.

wasn’t he like planning to put like a dll plugin of FixVTS to make it easier or something like that?

They were discussing how to go about it, yes. I don’t know if they’ve moved ahead with that plan.

Pgcedit isn’t a ripping program. It is a IFO editor. The plugin and DVD Decryptor does the ripping work.