does anyone know which of these is better?

i find anydvd good but it messes up my drive and it will still display the last dvd even when it has been taken out. so wanted to use DVD Region+CSS Free but is it as good as ANYDVD?

If this happens, something is broken on your computer. If you have Sonic DLA or Nero InCD installed, this is a good opportunity to get rid of it. :wink:
My vote is for AnyDVD for many reasons. The “PC-Friendly” removal of DVD-Region + CSS Free is a joke - it simply disables AutoInsert notification and messes up AutoPlay. Haha, I could have done this myself.
AnyDVD works as a driver for the whole system, DVDR+CSSFree works in user mode invading the process space of the running application.
Both has its advantage and disadvantage.

Shrug each to their own I use both programs I generally use Anydvd and use DVDRegion+CSSFree as a backup but there has been occasions in the past where DVDRegion+CSSFree have been able to decrypt DVD’s that Anydvd have not been able too (yes and before everyone jumps up and down it was a fair while ago).

But as I said each to there own I would cast my vote towards Anydvd. But DVDRegion+CSSFree is a good backup to have in the closet

Anydvd gets my vote

I have been using anydvd for a long time now and have never had any problems, it truly is an excelent piece of software.

Keep up the good work slysoft :bow: :bow: :bow:

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