AnyDVD vs Decrypter



What program better to remove protection - AnyDVD and some ripper or DVDDecrypter. I more like AnyDVD but can it remove all protection well?




As good as DVDDecrypter?


I would say “better”, but this will start a flame war. AnyDVD does modify the .ifos, so some programs don’t try to read the bad areas at all. This is only possible for a driver, as DVD Decrypter must create a complete image with dummy sectors, which can later be processed by other programs.


I love DVD Decryptor, however, for the sake of convenience, nothing beats AnyDVD. With DVD Decryptor you need to rip the movie to your hard drive as either an image which can then be mounted in a virtual drive(or burned to a DL disc if you want) or as a set of files which can then be processed. This takes time. AnyDVD allows whatever backup program you want to access the DVD on the fly. If I do a movie only backup with AnyDVD I can be done with the original disc in 15 minutes and have the files ready to burn in that time, as well. With DVD Decryptor, it takes 15 minutes to simply rip the files, but, then you still have to process them with your back up program. That’s another 10-15 minutes potentially.

Bottom line, if you want something free that works but takes a bit longer, DVD Decryptor rocks. If you want convenience and speed and don’t mind paying for it, AnyDVD is definitely an excellent choice. I just bought it recently and am absolutely loving it. Combined with CloneDVD you can’t go wrong. Of course, AnyDVD will work with any backup program, but, I just find the CloneDVD/AnyDVD pair to be a great and easy way to back up my dvd’s.


They are both exellent programs in my opinion …
I use anydvd along with clonedvd and i also use dvd decryptor for ps2 and iso…


Both programs are great, they are updated regularly. The only difference (in my opinion) is the fact that you don’t need that extra 8GB+ of space for the complete image of the DVD when using AnyDVD. You are also going to save a few min, 10min or so, when using AnyDVD. Dvddecrypter does have some extra settings, but the novice will never use them.


How do you use dvd decryptor for ps2?


Any ISO imaging/burning program that supports DVD-R/+R can copy an unprotected PS2 game. The problem you run into is when the data exceeds DVD-R/+R capacity, or it has a custom protection (besides the standard need of a mod chip or backup play device).


I don’t use decrptyer for PS2, but I think to succesful backup a PS2 game you must read and burn in ISO mode. So go to “Mode” in decrypter and you’ll see it there.

PS I have had some scratched DVDs and seen where one app got past the scratch that the other app had more trouble with, both are great apps.


I have all three and couldn’t have said it better. I’ll just add that it is worth the money for AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 because of speed and convenience. :iagree:


CloneDVD/AnyDVD are a pair in marriage:)


I would agree. I just recently bought AnyDVD and have owned CloneDVD since pretty much the beginning. Excellent combination indeed. :slight_smile:


Without the arguing over who left the seat up! :wink:


If all marriages were as good as Clone and Any DVD, just think, no earbashing and no arguments! What a lovely thought. :slight_smile: