AnyDVD - Virus Detected in RgDrvls.exe



I’m using a fully registerd copy of AnyDVD v. downloaded directly from, and am having severe problems. My fully updated version of Avast v.4.6 is detecting the AnyDVD file RgDrvls.exe as being infected with Win32-Kelvir-Z [Trj].

This just started happening today. The computer was just reloaded less than 2 weeks ago and has had almost no use, so there is very slim chance it has been infected. I’ve scanned the computer thoroughly for virus, and nothing shows up.

Is this a false-positive, and if so how do I get around it?

I’ve redownloaded v. several times from, and no matter what i get the same problem each time. I have searched all over the net and have yet to find any mention of the RgDrvls.exe file anywhere.


its without a doubt flase positive my kaspersky & nod32 which are far better then avast dont detect it as virus,basicly there are 2 ways you can get around it

a) uninstall avast and get other antivirus
b) disable avast resident protection and install anydvd and then add that file to exclusion list and enable the resident proteciotn


The file is not infected if downloaded and installed directly from SlySoft.
Please contact the manufacturer of the Anti Virus program and report the false alarm.


Agree with last two posts…have loaded on two pcs…one running norton, another AVG…no problems


Same thing happened to me today- I just uninstalled Avast, and am now using AVG- their latest update messed with Anydvd, Clonedvd, and DVDsanta.
Weird, never seen that happen before.


phil_ above post is excellent advice. IMHO Kaspersky and Nod32 are the best AV’s currently available. I use Nod32 for it’s speed and I just checked the file and it is clean, I assure you, if you downloaded from Slysoft as you said you did, you have no virus, just a false positive.


Yup, time to ditch Avast!


[DETECTION] Is the Trojan horse TR/Dldr.Bafis.2
I am getting the same error msg, I am usin AnitVir, and it has never had this problelm before. I have removed AntiVir.


I suggest you inform AVAST about the false alarm.
(I am a happy AVG user, which does not report a trojan in RgDrvls.exe)


If your Anti Virus is reporting this file as a Trojan I strongly urge you to change your AV provider. If they can’t get this right I wouldn’t trust them with getting the majority correct.


Just downloaded the new version of anydvd 5411 from slysoft and installed withour any problems.
used avast for years - no problem with avast.


I have used anydvd & norton anti virus.No problems here.Change your anti-virus program.


i have panda 2005
no virus found.


Got curious when someoen said that the new didn’t have this problem, so I check and sure enough Avast had an update that fixed this problem.

After making sure my Avast was updated i could install and without it detecting the file as a trojan.


It’s likely that the installer for the version causing the false positive had a byte sequence in it that matched a known virus pattern in the Avast virus defs. This is not unheard of…the virus defs should be changed by Avast to fix the problem…if they’re even aware of the problem. It’s not a sign of weakness in Avast…false positives happen to all AV programs from time to time.


a good site for ths kind of issues:


This could prove somewhat expensive. Are you really saying that as a result of one false positive that a program should be abandoned and another bought ?

I know of no anti virus program, worth buying, that has never produced a false positive. False positives come with the territory.


My point, that I failed to express, was that Avast was the only AV software that found a Trojan in AnyDVD, a driver at that. I agree there is no 100 percent AV and never will be. I’ll take my chances with Nod32 or Kaspersky as far as feeling as secure as possible.

As for expense, can you put a price on reformatting and getting your system back to where it was? What if somebody is incapabale of doing it and have to bring the computer somewhere to be cleansed, or have somebody come to your home. Just not worth the risk, so go with the best.


Nothing wrong with Nod32 or Kaspersky but then I don’t think there is anything fundamentally wrong with AVG, Avast… or even I hate to say it Norton. I would rather have the odd false positive than miss the odd real problem.

No matter which anti-virus, spyware, firewall used I think that making regular system images should be standard practice. A good program costs less than $50 and an image can be made in less than 10 minutes. Then if a virus does get in a clean system can be restored in minutes. I would rather rely on Acronis than trust any anti virus program.


Totally agree, but as far as AV programs go, I think MacAfee should be adding a free disk of their AV with those constant bombardment of AOL disks we get in the mail. IMHO the garbage is where they both belong, with the rest of the junk mail.

I myself have been using Acronis True Image software for the past two years, it is my most valuable piece of software, I keep about 10 images stored on an external drive at all times. If somethings goes wrong i just restore the image and I’m back to normal in minutes. I always make an image before installing any new software.

If anyone intends to use imaging software I’d like to make a suggestion.
Do a format and fresh install of XP. Once XP is installed without any other software, do an image backup and save it in a safe place. Once you’ve done this you will never have to do a fresh install again, it will save you countless hours of work. I then start adding software and do incremental images naming them so I know whats there. I do a image at least once a week saving it as most recent, this way all my my updates are current and I have a backup.
Even if I have to go back 3 months, it sure as heck beats starting over.
BTW I keep XP Restore disabled, useless as far as I’m concerned, just when you need it it doesn’t come through.