AnyDVD version

Someone can tell me:

  1. how i check on SLYSoft web what is the last version.
  2. how can i update/upgrade the program (the program hasn’t a option to
    check or to update)

Welcome to CDF

Here is the website:

Click on the Red Fox in your tray and make sure you’ve checked Program Settings to look for an update.

Make sure you don’t have a firewall set so it blocks the program.

Hi sumsumq. Just go to their download page and look at the version numbers for AnyDVD. Otherwise you could also check the changelog.

AnyDVD does have an option to check for an update. In the Program Settings enable “Automatically check for new AnyDVD version”. That will let you know when a new version is out. Alternatively, if you registered you will get an email from the Slysoft team letting you know.

Thanks to all of you