AnyDVD version released, fixes DVD2one problems

I just posted the article AnyDVD version released, fixes DVD2one problems.

Via our CloneDVD Forum, Indo
lets us know
that SlySoft has released another update of their AnyDVD software. With AnyDVD you can
read and rip encrypted DVDs on-the-fly, meaning that…

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You’ll be shocked and amazed to know there’s a new version already out there! :slight_smile:

Already you say?! :slight_smile:

use DVD Decrypter, its better, and its free:g

its a good program,but dvd decrypetor failed to backup enter the dragon 25th aniversarry special,also clone dvd wouldnt read it it failed when tried to trans code seconds after i clicked next,so i used smart ripper it did the job then i used clone dvd to burn the files on dvd,worked beautiful,maybe the gang at elby should check out Enter the Dragon region1 ntsc how come clone dvd wouldnt read it??but still good program i like it…