AnyDVD v5.9.4.1 / prohibited user operations


AnyDVD doesn’t remove all prohibited user operations.
After using the (AnyDVD internal) ripper and opening the result
with PgcEdit, I get this message:

Btw: One question/suggestion: Why doesn’t AnyDVD remove the layer break bit?

have you tried playing the files that anydvd has ripped? I’ve never seen a problem with anydvd removing PUOPs.

what movie was it that exhibited this problem? or is it more than one?

can you verify that anydvd actually has not removed PUOPs from this title aside from the PGCEdit readout? (I’m thinking maybe a false detection on the part of PGCEdit could be possible)

also you haven’t accidentally unchecked the option to remove PUOPs in the anydvd settings have you? sometimes those little checkboxes have a mind of their own! :slight_smile:

Why should it?

Yes, it plays just fine. Haven’t tried skipping something that I mustn’t.

It’s called “Siegfried” (a German… well… farce). That’s the 1st time I encounter left-over PUOs.

How? Maybe it’s some kind of false detection. Don’t believe this but just don’t know…

My checkboxes behave like I want them to. At least this time. cough

When shrinking to DVDR5 this bit is superfluous, because the layer break (physically) doesn’t exist anymore.
When writing to DVDR9 a second (logical) layer break will be added at a different position (when using Nero, for example).
So in both cases I wanna get rid of the original layer break bit.

Sure, but it isn’t AnyDVD’s task to do this. For example elby CloneDVD2 will remove the non seamless link (often referred as the “layer break bit”).