AnyDVD v4.5.5.1 adds support for ALPHA DVD protection



I just posted the article AnyDVD v4.5.5.1 adds support for ALPHA DVD protection.

socrates007 and vomitator used our news submit to tell us of yet another update to AnyDVD. This is quite a few updates lately it seems! AnyDVD History4.5.5.1, 2005 01 17 …

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This is so funny :B One week, 4 beta LOL


Yeah. Which protection is next??


they are reaally commited arnt they:g


Their commitment is the main reason to buy this product.


Unfortunately, their commitment may also be their undoing - lets hope they stay active as such a product will likely be eye-turned torwards the MPAA dumbnuts in a big way.


I want to see what happens to the new Macrovision protection ‘Ripguard’ hehe. This could get interesting. I wonder if the MPAA’s arm reaches all the way to Antigua though :wink: