AnyDVD V3.9.1.1, Installation problem

Hi all, :slight_smile:

I’m new to CD-Freaks… so please bear with me… :cool:

I’m having a problem with this new version and I need help. Here goes… :a

I have install AnyDVD V3.9.1.1 on my Windows Xp pro machine prior to this I had version which worked fine. :confused:

I’ve install v3.9.1.1 and added the AnyDVD.reg file to my registry then re-booted, my system displays “welcome to AnyDVD use it as much as you can” (like a first time installation), however on the second reboot my system comes up up with a message that AnyDVD trial period as expired… I have tried to uninstall this and re-install it several times but without luck…

any idea please… :confused:

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System config:

P3 1ghz
Pioneer 107 RPC-1
512MB Ram SD 133Mhz

> AnyDVD.reg <

It looks kile your key got blacklisted, I suggest you contact SlySoft technical support. (If you have bought it, of course)


Thank you for your reply, :slight_smile:

Blacklisted!!! Hmmmmm… :confused:

why would it get blacklisted… :confused:

Answer to your question is YES, I did buy it… lol :cool:

Thanks :smiley: