AnyDVD Users Please Read

I’m probably going to regret starting this thread. In fact I almost guarantee it. But if it helps anyone out there, then it’s worth it. There seems to be a lot of confusion out there regarding the new AnyDVD HD release. I’m going to try and cut off some of the inevitible confused posts and see if we can clear everything up.

First, AnyDVD has now become AnyDVD HD. They are one product. HOWEVER, and this point is VERY important, if you are an existing AnyDVD customer, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING EXCEPT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL IT. With your current license, you will not lose ANY functionality by downloading and installing AnyDVD HD. Let me repeat that…if you have an existing AnyDVD license, AnyDVD HD will function EXACTLY the same as it always has. The Video HD DVD tab will be grayed out and those functions will not be available to you. That is the ONLY difference. Your lifetime updates, afaik, will still be lifetime updates for the regular AnyDVD functionality.

Second, if you would like the HD DVD functionality in the new AnyDVD HD, you WILL NEED A NEW LICENSE. This new license WILL cost you money for the upgrade. If you are an existing AnyDVD owner and wish to upgrade, you may do so at a reduced cost here and clicking the AnyDVD->AnyDVD HD upgrade button. The cost for the upgrade is 30 USD. If you do not currently own AnyDVD, you may purchase AnyDVD HD at the same link for a cost of 79 USD. That will include both the AnyDVD “classic” functionality as well as the new HD DVD functionality.

Finally, I want to point out that those of you who do not need or want the HD functionality of AnyDVD HD, you DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR AN UPDATE. You don’t need a new license. You don’t need to do anything other than download the updated version of AnyDVD HD. It will run in “classic” mode as it always has. This seems to be the biggest confusion point. People are panicing that they have to upgrade or that they need a different download. From now on, AnyDVD HD is the one and only product and will run in two different modes depending on what license you have. No need to panic if you’re an existing AnyDVD owner. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, feel free to post here. Hopefully this helps cut down on the confusion and I HOPE any support nightmare calls to Slysoft. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I think what you have done is clear and to the point. There should be no confusion. :slight_smile:

:cool: :cool:

Thank you. :slight_smile: There just seemed to be a lot of confusion on the Slysoft forum and I was hoping to maybe prevent that from happening here. People are confused over the upgrade pricing, whether there’s still an AnyDVD vs AnyDVD HD, and whether they need a new license or not. And some people seem upset over the upgrade price. Since I don’t work for Slysoft, I have no control over that one. :slight_smile: I think it’s very reasonable, myself, but, I don’t want to debate that. I just wanted to help people understand how it works. James wants everyone to consider it like this:

There are still two products, AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD. They are both contained in one download…the AnyDVD HD download. The functionality is dependant upon your license. If you have a classic AnyDVD license, you have AnyDVD, if you have an AnyDVD HD license, it unlocks AnyDVD HD. I find that explanation a bit more confusing than how I put it, but, as long as people understand they don’t have to pay for an upgrade unless they want the HD DVD functionality it should be ok.

Very well said!
Just one additional note: AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD are two different products which are both sold independently on our website
Both are and will be maintained & supported.
The “HD” version is just the “premium” version, adding High Definition support.
These two products just share the same setup binary, that’s all.
Just like the VISTA Home, Premium, Business and Ultra editions have exactly the same installation DVD, just the key determines which version will be installed.

Thanks for the clarification, James. :slight_smile:

You posted while I was typing. :bigsmile:

Just repeating what you told us. :slight_smile: Trying to make your job a little easier.

Not quite sue what all this tado is about.
Do we have to go to SS forum to get background??

Uh, no? It’s nothing more than some users were getting confused over the difference between AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD. That’s all. I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the differences.

Hey “jam” can you tell me if there are any free rippers with hd capability?

Cant help you, as i am not allowed to mention any free programs on Anydvd forum.
Sorry about that.
Try doing a google.

Yes there are, but they don’t compare to AnyDVD HD.

Perhaps, but where is your [B]unbiased[/B] source to substantiate this claim of superiority??

Ok I’ll do “frugal” on google, but if I see your name there I’m going to start using a different search engine.

Where’s your’s to disclaim it?

My source is as good as James.
“Dogpile” is a good searcher.

I know of one other program that can successfully back up HD-DVDs, and it is nowhere as easy as AnyDVD-HD.

This mine is better than yours thing is getting old, they all have free trials, try them and buy what you like :clap:

The one I am referring to is open source.

Actually Vista installs everything into your HD. The key determines your functionality. You can upgrade anytime with a new key without the DVD or setup program.