AnyDVD Update error: AnyDialog.dll



Hi all,
Ok, so I looked around and couldn’t find an answer to this problem so I am having to ask for some help.

I have a legal copy of AnyDVD that hasn’t had any issues at all until I reached update ‘SetupAnyDVD5963’ as well as ‘SetupAnyDVD6004’. All previous updates went off without a hitch. But… when I try to install these updates, I get the error:

Error opening file for writing: “C:\Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD\AnyDialog.dll” Hit “Abort to abort installation, “Retry” to retry writing the file, “Ignore” to skip this file.

Can’t write: C:\Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD\AnyDialog.dll

I made sure that AnyDVD was closed when I ran this… just to make sure that wasn’t the problem…(since it’s set up to just autorun.) Any words of wisdom? Thoughts? Advice?


I did not have this problem but to see if I could cause this problem I went to the location for the anydialog.dll and right clicked it and to properties and changed it to read only then tried to load the dll and it did what yours did. unchecking the read only allowed the program to load. I would go to its location click on the anydialog.dll and copy it to another location then I would delete it from the program files\ slysoft\anydvd folder then try and load the program. it it loads ok I would try the program and make sure it works then delete the one you saved.