Anydvd update (Final)

Á new version of AnyDVD is available at

Changelog: 2007 01 28

  • Fix: With some DVDs having VOB files with zero length, fluxDVD
    protection was incorrectly detected

The update is free for all registered customers, of course.
Just install the new version on top of your current version,
regardless which version you have installed.

Ok…I’ve clicked on the download for AnyDVD6114 but when the download page activates it says AnyDVD6113 which I already have of course. I tried in Firefox and IE7 and get the same result. Anyone else having this problem? This is a first for me.

I tested it and you’re right. This is puzzling. I was just able to download and install it.

It downloads and installs just fine with IE7. Maybe its a firefox thing.

This worked fine with me and I use firefox as well.

Tom just said he fixed it. All is well now.

Didnt SS just announce an even newer version?

No, was JUST released. It fixes the fluxDVD bug in

See thread I just added to my post above. Maybe we are talking of same thing, but that thread said Beta, and was just posted an hour ago.

Sorry all but I just tried it this very minute in both browers, the download icon says 6114 but when I click download it still says 6113.

It is not a beta it is available on their download page here

I even let it go through the download and it just tells me this file already exist on my computer.

Download it from the above link please:clap:

Thats where I’m at, at there download page. It says setup anydvd6113 The fox icon does say 6114, but when I click download…6113

That says

I’m glad someone sees what I see. Thanks Detroit, just thought I was nuts. :confused:

use flashget, it comes down quick, i just did

I’m confused.

Can you supply the link. I really prefer using the official site.