Anydvd update, 2006 09 04

  • New: Added support for a new version of the Puppetlock protection
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • New: SetDisplayFrequency.exe updated, added optional keyword “/keep”
    to keep the frequency after reboot
  • Fix: USB sticks were visible in AnyDVD’s status window
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

Fixes the United 93 problem.

A new release! I’ve been waiting for one for a long time. Thank you!

EDIT: What are these “minor fixes and improvements”? We see them in almost all the changelogs. Is it to do with the ripper (cleaner ripping) or the driver or the program itself?

LOL, long time? It’s usually updated weekly if not every other week.

Can’t do squat with LOST Season 2 though. :frowning:

from all of the posts that inevitably come about keys not working i would guess that at least some of the “minor fixes” are banning bad reg files.


which United 93 problem??? The backup worked like a charm with the previous version.

It feels like a long time between updates.

I sent Slysoft a link to an illegal key file but they had already caught it.

Did you send IFOs to Slysoft?

Could you elaborate??

Hi, I did not have any problem with backing up Flight 93 with the previous version. What problem did you have occur ? Maybe I missed something. Hope not. Take care

Stopped at 63%. Shrink worked with nero and then I did an update with ANYDVD.

I had an issue with dvd shrink and United 93 as well. It was an error I don’t remember but never seen before either. Something in the relms of the program error did 9/11 the commision report no issues there. used clonedvd and all went well on United 93. The error code was " Program Error - Exception Occured ". Did the drag and drop to the desktop all went well there retried through dvd shrink same thing. Re-ripped it to the desktop all went well tried with dvd shrink same thing. I did other movies that were new yesterday and this didn’t happen to them. Like I said those that are wanting to backup United 93 do it with anydvd and clonedvd it’ll work just fine with that combonation…LOL go figure. Way to go Slysoft I think that shrink is going to be useless in about 1 year now due to structures and such on the newer DVD’s.