AnyDVD UHD Key Source


…is Mike Chen. Got it straight from the horse’s mouth. After some lengthy discussions, Mike said he had no problem in me discussing the topic. This basically means we really only have two sources for UHD BD keys, DeUHD and MakeMKV. What bugs me is RedFox basically passing off Mike’s keys as their own. Pretty ironic coming from the company who always bad mouths DVDfab for copying their work.

Of course, AnyDVD still does things MakeMKV and DeUHD cannot (i.e. Cinavia removal), but I don’t use that anyways. I like the program, but that really chaps my a$$ that they are doing this in an effort to keep pace with the competition. I wish they were simply upfront about what they were doing…

Mike has even publicly said as much here:
Look about halfway up the topic at Mike’s post.

To RedFox’s credit they did offer to buy the technology, but when Mike refused they decided to obtain what they needed through alternate means.


Lol, thanks for confirming.

I don’t think anyone should be surprised by this.


This comment is a general one and not directed at you specifically, Balthazar2k4…

Pretty big claim but is there actually any proof? It’s really not that hard to believe that they could be independently handling things simultaneously. It would not be the first time it happened. After Arusoft releases their software other developers start digging into things and find holes. People sending info, data, logs for the same discs to both developers at the same time. It’s not shocking that support for discs would be timed similarly. It’s not like RedFox developers never managed to find a way around AACS 1.0, BD+, Cinavia, etc. They aren’t bumbling fools. Could Arusoft make the claim that Mike Chen stole ideas and such from them? You see where I’m going with this? This story is a nice headline but can it be substantiated? Yes, I’m asking a valid and legit question here.

I’ve been a supporter of Mike Chen & MakeMKV for a long long time but I’m disappointed in the approach to this “situation” and the way the accusations have been tossed out. Now, I already know that some people will automatically say that since I used to be a Moderator for Slysoft - an unpaid volunteer, at that! - that I cannot possibly be unbiased. Bulls–t. You don’t know me and I would be questioning this if it was Mike Chen making the claims against DVDFab. I am a very strong believer in logic, facts, proof, evidence, etc.


I had more respect for Mike than that. He is obviously very jealous. I suppose he didnt use Konsts keys that were there for everyone to use. What a hypocrite. I stupidly thought most of the programmers were in this together, but I guess I was wrong. Mike wants all the credit. Without DEUHD discovering Friendly drives he wouldn’t have anything. I am really disappointed in his lies.


The fact that Mike refused to sell his method and then AnyDVD magically gathered support for the same discs that MakeMKV supports and somehow is always right behind Mike in adding support for new discs, while circumstantial, is wildly suspect. I really have no reason to doubt Mike’s claim. Mike has also said that it simply isn’t worth the effort to try and harden the keys to stop RedFox as he most likely couldn’t do anything more than slow them down. No one is calling RedFox bumbling fools… if anything quite the opposite. I just wish they were more upfront about what was going on. The fact that RedFox doesn’t want logs of any kind is pretty telling when you couple monitoring AnyDVD network traffic. I would be OK with them simply stating where the support came from, but saying nothing while the ‘evidence’ starts to pile up just doesn’t sit well with me.


I am pretty sure Mike never said he wasn’t using Konsts keys. Mike also isn’t the one raising the point as publicly as I am. I just would like the truth.

As for the friendly drive situation… the same could be said of both teams.


Why should they tell you how they do what they do? Is it any of your business? I think not. Ask Mike how he found out about Friendly drives, ask him if he used Konsts keys. If he wants all the credit then so be it. Bow down to Mike.


LOL. I think you are taking this way too personally.

Mike never claimed to have initially cracked anything. He simply used Konsts keys and the discovery of the host certificate loop hole to devise a solution. I am pretty sure he isn’t looking for fame and glory.


The same could be said about both teams is correct. But RedFox never called anyone thieves.


He is getting way to big for his britches,


Well, RedFox’s beef with DVDfab would indicate otherwise.


Now you are going to a place that you know nothing about. What beef is this?


You are probably right. I probably do know nothing about it, but I do know they make sly comments about DVDfab copying AnyDVD. Right, wrong, or otherwise, that isn’t even the point.

That being said, none of us know what really goes on behind the scenes at any of these companies. For all we know they could all be colluding with one another… I am simply pointing out what Mike has said. Believe, don’t believe it, I frankly don’t care. I will sleep fine either way.


Thats why you made a thread about it? This a thread that no one can prove anything. If I didnt believe in Freedom of Speech it would have been deleted. But I do believe in Freedom to say what you please, even if they are speculative bullcrap. I always had respect for Mike, but thats gone now. Too bad, he was one of the ones that been though the wars, he should know better`````


I made a thread about it because I personally believe the situation is what it is. Could it all be total BS? I suppose, but I really don’t believe so. Everyone is allowed to make their own decision about it. If Peer or James would like to refute these claims in here, please, by all means. It is a public forum and all sides should be considered.


There is no issue in discussing this at all from Myce’s side. I feel we should be able to question anyone, anything here,heck, even ourselves, as long as the there is no call to violence and it doesn’t violate any of our other rules.

Please don’t make this personal, I understand some people here are strong supporters of Redfox. That’s not strange, Redfox/Slysoft have been with us for a long time and always delivered. However that doesn’t mean we should keep our eyes closed if questions are raised.

If someone questions a company that you like, it doesn’t mean the company is bad straight away or has made a mistake, maybe there is a good explanation, maybe not.

Let’s just discuss it in a civil way.


No call to violence JW, LOL.


i think all alan is trying to say is Mike has also used other people’s work to further his own product/research so how can he fault anybody else for doing the same. Can sony blame panasonic for making FM radios because they figured out how to pick up an FM signal first? I guess toyota should stop making cars because ford figured out how to do it first??? Is that what you’re getting at?


FM is a broadcast standard that is public domain, published, and documented… Not sure that equates logically. Mike hashed the keys for a reason. It was intended to be MakeMKV specific. It is the reason he did not wish to sell the technology. RedFox therefore took the alternative direction to reverse engineer the hashing and provide AnyDVD with support. One could fault Mike for not better protecting the keys themselves by incorporating them into an OPD type system that AnyDVD uses. Ultimately, the point isn’t so much that RedFox is using the keys so much as they are fundamentally passing it off as their own through omission of sourcing information. Some care, some don’t.


The Way I look at things is the more companies that are able to work on the 4K problem all the better.

I bought a license for MakeMKV to help support Mikes efforts and continued development I also Have Redfox which works well on UHD Movies.

The Million Dollar question for me now is who will be the first to support Certified UHD Drives whoever does it wins this debate for me.

I never bought into DeUHD their prices are way too much waiting a few months saved me lots of money.