Anydvd turning off

I found today in the version That anydvd turn off if the dvd has mastering error or problems. I tried to copy Thunderscats season 1 vol2 disc 7 region 1 and anydvd gave a “dvd has mastering error and anyvd will turn off for this dvd” message. The dvd has CSS protection so I couldn’t copy it because the anydvd message. I think that anydvd shuold remain turned on even the dvd has mastering error. I think that the mastering error should handled by the copy program.

Isn’t this what the anydvd ripper is designed to fix? Or do I just not understand the purpose of the ripper?

I also thought that the AnyDVD Ripper was supposed to fix “broken” or badly mastered DVD’s. I have version and have no problems with it.

When is the error appearing. Is it upon inserting the disc or when you try to rip? If it’s during ripping, try the anydvd ripper and let us know how it works out.

I agree with you dmp31, but you and I, and most of us use a proper paid version of Any DVD. Or am I being harsh on the guy.

@ Mr Hugo,

Perchance can you explain your above statement?

The AnyDVD v5.9.2.1 software program when used in the 21-day trial mode operates exactly in the same manner as the registered AnyDVD v5.9.2.1 version.

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I think he’s saying it’s cracked

i don’t own that particular dvd. if any other forum members do it would be nice if they coudl test it and see what happens.

also a new version of anydvd was just released…it’s possible that might solve something?

let us know how that goes and also let us know if you run into any other discs with the same problem.

I have a paid version. I noticed with the version, it tell you the dvds have mastering problems and will turn off.If I check anydvd icon it is red. So I tried to copye the movie but the copy program tell me that it was protected. It happened me sometimes. But, if I disable and renable again anydvd, it works well again. It appreas thet it happen in the first scan of anydvd.Also it happen before open a copy program.

Who said anything about a 21 day trial. Perhaps I am being harsh. :rolleyes:
Still Any DVD has worked for me every time no problems. The saying (you get what you pay for) is a good one. :bigsmile:

This would be the first commercial DVD showing this problem.
Please try AnyDVD, it might correct the problem. If it does not, please send an AnyDVD logfile to our support.