AnyDVD Trial Problem

I have totally uninstalled an older version of anyDVD, but when I install the new version and reboot, all I get is a pop up saying 21 day trial has expired, order or exit. Does anyone know where in the registry it keeps this info? I thought I had deleted all entries to do with AnyDVD and Slysoft.

Appreciate any help please.


That’s why it’s called trial. If you like the software, just buy it.

@ Schnauze get a life MUPPET, if I had wanted sarcasm I would have asked for it. Go and be Helpful elsewhere.


You’re sailing very close to asking for a crack, something that is forbidden on this site and can get you banned.
Schnauze’s response is entirely proper, something that your rudeness is not.


I would never ask for a crack, I know the rules, just wanted help cleaning a registry entry up.

Hi Karl!
Go buy a license. Then the trial problem will be gone. Harhar

Does anyone know where in the registry it keeps this info? I thought I had deleted all entries to do with AnyDVD and Slysoft.

If we all knew where this was in the registry then there would be no need to buy the software, as after 21 days we could just reset the clock.

This is why you are getting a lot of negative answers, as this would be classed as stealing. You get 21 days from the first ever install, then if you like the software you just have to buy it. (annoying i know if you install it then don’t use it)

Another way is to reformat your computer every 21 days, but not very practical

Technically it is not forbidden to modify the data on your own machine which makes the question legitemate.

However , the answer of this particular question implies you want to extend the 21-day trial period with another 21 days , which is not the intention of the shareware principle and thus can be illegal when compared to the End User License Agreement of the product.

So your question is very legal , but your motives probably aren’t.

May i point out rule#2 of this forum :

Requesting for or posting of serial numbers, direct links to cracks or any other information that violates copyright laws or any other laws protecting intellectual property;

Case closed regarding the initial question.

The second question is about helping you to clean the registry of unwanted entries. There are zillions of programs for this. Perhaps this can be of any assistance.

Mr Belvedere:

Your answer was correct in spirit but not legality.

Technically it may be possible to modify computer data, but the legality of doing so may be another matter entirely. Try ‘modifying’ the contents of a folder with a few paedophilic images and see where it gets you…

Even the intention may not be germane to the act. Our reader sought to delete a registry entry which, inter alia, recorded the date of first installation of a piece of trial software. We then all jumped to the conclusion that he required this knowledge in an attempt to extend unlawfully the trial period. This may not have been the case and he may merely have been obsessive about unwanted junk cluttering up his registry.

It’s an interesting point. Frankly, if his motive was the latter, I’m rather on his side as I don’t like my own machine cluttered up with left over detritus from uninstalled programs. On the other hand, I cannot think of an alternative that protects the software publisher without inconveniencing the user.

You’d think by now there would be something to meet both requirements, but it seems not. My own solution is to make a DriveImage of the boot partition before installing trial software. I can then - provided I’ve installed nothing else meantime - restore the partition at the end of the trial and all registry entries/marker files relating to the trial are gone. I wonder what the morality of that is?

Speaking of morals, we see a number of people on these forums advocating the use of CCE and Scenarist. No one gets hot under the collar about the apparent widespread use of two pieces of software that together cost many thousands of dollars. To ask us to believe that everyone has actually bought this stuff for the purpose of copying a handful of movies would be disingenuous.

As I say, interesting…