problems in germany:
my windows xp pro with sp1 has problems with anydvd. sometimes it runs down with the error information …anydvd.sys…
i just want to work with this tiny little prog:confused:

hope you understand my english


Hello - and welcome! :slight_smile:

Do you have the latest version?
Have you emailed their technical support?

AnyDVD is a driver working at system level. Conflicts with hardware or certain other software drivers can be a nightmare to trace. Send SlySoft the fullest details of your computer - hardware and operating system - together with anything unusual or non-standard you may have added.

I’m sorry not to be more helpful, but your problem is a little outside the scope of this forum…


thank you pete
i just get a mail from slysoft. now they have my system info and i hope they will help me


Hi frioli,

Why not give DVD Region-Free a try? :smiley:

Best Regards,

dvd region free has the same features?

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