ANYDVD Support

I recently downloaded AnyDvd with the 30day trial. If I proceed to purchase it, can I download future versions and have my key or serial continue to work in the newer versions? Will I have to pay upgrade fees to do this?

from the slysoft site when you click “Purchase”

Buy license key
When you purchase one of our products, this is what you will receive:

* A registration key that prevents the trial version from expiring after 21 days.
* Technical support for one year

* Free updates lifetime for AnyDVD and CloneCD
* Free updates for one year for CloneDVD

Yes. Just keep your serial in a safe place. Best thing is to backup your registration e-mail to a floppy, CD, whatever.

Speaking of purchase, I too am trialling the latest version…

Regarding price (and no I’m not a cheapskate), I buy all the software I use but I try to limit myself to what I believe is a “reasonable” price over the internet: e.g.
<=10 dollars - I don’t even think about it, if it’s good they get my money
<=20 dollars - again if it’s good and useful I’m happy to buy
<=30 dollars - starting to push the boundaries of what I call a “reasonable” price for a piece of software.
<=40 dollars - Find it very hard to justify paying this much of my hard earned cash when there ARE other FREE ways around what the software actually does.

I’m sure Slysoft have their reasons for the price tag, I can only go by what I experience being in the software industry myself - but my family/friends are also of a similar pricing mentality.

Are there any special offers or competitive upgrades?

I’m not just saying this to be clever or anything, but I can guarantee that myself and a friend would most certainly purchase AnyDVD if the price was 20-25 dollars.

Just my opinion :slight_smile:


Speaking of AnyDVD, there are no free alternatives with the same feature set.
They offer special prices for owners of CloneCD, and they offer special bundle prices.

I agree, however with a lower price you’d have had my money yesterday. Instead I’ll see what happens at the end of 21 days…

I have seen this mentioned on other forums regarding the price, as well as your competitor of similar/same price - I know I’m not alone and just feel that maybe you’d actually get more orders if the price was more accessible to the majority.

Again, just my opinion and before you say it, yes there will always be the users who NEVER pay for software no matter what the price is :frowning:


if you purchase the AnyDVD+CloneDVD2 bundle then they are only 29.50 per copy a perfectly reasonable price IMO. I purchased my copies before they started offering the bundles and paid 51.00 US for CloneDVD and 39.00 US for AnyDVD and they have been worth every penny. not only are they superb at what they do the support has been outstanding both Ollie and SlysoftTeam closely monitor these forums and are quick to respond to problems and crank out updates to deal with new protections. often in only a matter of hours.

so how can you beat that? reasonable price, unmatched support and the authors themselves to abuse or post goofy questions to whenever we want.

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Fair enough :slight_smile: Yes, the support is excellent from what I’ve seen so far. The bundle is excellent value but I don’t think I have a use for CloneDVD unfortunately, I’m using NeroRecode2 to get my original DVDs down to PocketPC mpeg4’s, something that CloneDVD can’t do just yet :wink:

I’m very impressed by AnyDVD so far though.


Free updates lifetime for AnyDVD

For only $40 - you pay once and use if forever. What a deal!!! :bow:

There are other benefits as well. Last year I purchased the new CD from Velvet Revolver. I immediately ripped it to MP3 and put on my Nomad MP3 player. It was about a week later I learned that this CD was protected and I couldn’t do what I already did. AnyDVD removed the protection.

Tried AnyDVD with some more stuff and it’s been working great, just bought it. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I have been using DVD X Copy platinum for a little more than a year. After paying $150.00 and the company and support now non-existent, (except for some forums), I decided to look for some alternatives. I am presently using clone dvd2 and anydvd on their free trial. I must say that I will be purchasing both programs. I am impressed with their support and their bundled pricing seems to be a bargain. Just my 2 cents.


It’s too bad that you can get AnyDVD for a special price if you have CloneDVD but cannot get CloneDVD if you already have AnyDVD-

If it were offered - I would jump on the CloneDVD in a second - but until they offer it - I will stick with my InterVideo DVD Copy program-


Big Mike

I was using the same software as you with AnyDVD but with some of the newer arccos protected titles I noticed that Intervideo would have some problems when ripping the movies. I had long pauses at beginning of movie and some had digitization and looked blocky. BTW, I feel Intervideo DVD Copy2 worked way better then the newer version does. I tried the CloneDVD2 program (Trial) when I had problems with some copies and it worked flawlessly the first time, so I purchased CloneDVD2 yesterday. Shame I could,nt get a rebate since I previously purchased AnyDVD and you only save when you buy the bundles together, but I feel that with the support & upgrades that these programs get it was well worth it.

Yo Slinger07-

The only movie that I have had trouble with so far was “Little Black Book” - and AnyDVD said that it had been cracked - but still I couldn’t copy it - even with the latest 4.6 version-

The version of InterVideo DVD Copy that I use is the original - which I got for $11 from - still works like a champ and I have never had a movie that I couldn’t get onto one disc!!

Still think that current users should get some kinda break on the other products - it would be a good marketing ploy for slysoft to use to bring in more business - but I guess that they are rich enough…


Agree with Olli on this one completely. I used to use DVD Decrypter but haven’t found any program that makes things as easy as AnyDVD does. I guess DVD Region Free+CSS is in this category, however, they don’t have the amount of updated AnyDVD does. DVD Decrypter while free, doesn’t fall in exactly the same category as AnyDVD does. It’s nice that AnyDVD really turns everything in to a 1-click process. :wink: Well worth the money and I don’t say that about many pieces of software.

anydvd rocks also slysoft support is the best … can’t go wrong pulling out hard earned bucks for this one .