AnyDVD Speed settings



I have really never paid any attention to this, why would you enable speed settings, under what circumstances, these are the settings I have now


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Some time ago you needed to enable fast & furious for Plextors 708. If you go back in AnyDVD history you’ll find more on this. I have this “fast & furious” setting for all drives.


So your advice would be to leave this as I have it above?


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I’d suggest you try different setting if you want. Although I wouldn’t expect much. After all you can always go back to default.


alan speed control comes in handy in a few instances.

if a drive is particularly loud when playing back a movie slowing it down can reduce noise and make it less annoying.

if you’re having a hard time ripping, some say that lowering the read speed is helpful, but I’m not sure if there’s anything to back that up…can’t hurt though.

if you right click the options you get the following explanations:
Default: the default speed of your drive
Slow & Quiet: use this while watching a movie
Medium: Compromise between speed and noise
Fast and Noisy: for when you need data fast e.g. while copying

anydvd doesn’t have much in the way of a help file, but its right click functions better than any program ever. if you right click ANYTHING it will give you a brief but detailed explanation.


Thanks reasonsnorules: if you choose fast and noisey you say it will acess the data faster, is that correct, will that have any effect on the burn speed, or the transcoding time.


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I’ve had fast & noisy enabled for over a year. Noise levels don’t appear to be any higher than when using default setting. Readspeed is affected by this option. Compression & write speed are controlled by other factors.


I didn’t notice any improvement in the speed of my drive with the Speed control, so I think that it works with some drives only. I even tried DriveSpeed program


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See my post #2 this thread.
Plextor 708 + 712. I don’t know what/if any other drives are affected.


as zebadee has already stated burn speed is controlled by the speed you choose in your burning app.

transcoding has nothing to do with the drive…it’s the processing of the files. it might get the files to your computer to process a little faster, but the transcoding time is a function of your system specs, available memory, etc, etc

i enabled fast and noisy for the first time today because this thread sparked my interest and I ran into a read error while using clonedvd2 to rip a disc to hard drive. I hit “retry” and ran into the error again. I slowed the drive down and no more error so I guess that supports what I said above about slowing down for tough to rip titles.

(this wasn’t tough to rip…the disc was clean and would have ripped flawlessly has I not played around with the speed I imagine)


Changing the AnyDVD Speed Settings from “Default” to “Medium” fixed the problem I had with producing dual-layer DVD backup copies. Now, the skips and hanging images are gone. My DVD reader was too fast!