ANYDVD Software vs Other choices



Is there any free software available to perform the same job as ANYDVD.Thanks


Yes there are,plenty of them but nothing as good as anydvd which is updated every time a new dvd protection comes out.


There are several free options out there. While AnyDVD/CloneDVD is a fine product largely loved by many users of this forum, others like myself also swear by DVDshrink, DVDFabdecrypter, Imgburn, and others…all of which are absolutly free and worth trying out.

Your personal needs and tastes will be the big factor.

As for the pay applications, keep in mind, the almost always offer a 30 day trial period to test them out and see what you like best…:slight_smile:

Good luc


DVD Shrink is free and does a great job, and it’s easy to use. Not quite as fast as AnyDVD but gives many advantages otherwise, from Deep Analysis and AEC settings to improve quality, ability to adjust each title on a DVD such as giving higher compression or still framing certain extras, etc. AnyDVD is a good program but it’s lack of flexibility compared to DVD Shrink is a major downfall FOR ME. Those looking for simplicity to an extreme and speed over anything else will find AnyDVD a good fit.


Thanks guys for responding.I’ll certainly try out the others that are mentioned.Sounds like ANYDVD is probably the best one to remove the Copy Protections that are installed.Have a good one. Kman21


AnyDvD is the simple method for people who do not want dwell into the deeper aspects of copy protection removal.

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DVDFab Decrypter is also does a nice job and is simple as well (‘Start’ button and rip). I often use it or DVD43 in conjunction with DVD Shrink for newer protection and both work great. Not that AnyDVD doesn’t as well, just pointing out additional alternatives.