AnyDVD Single Licence Price

Just seen this on the Slysoft download page.

Important Note: Effective January 1st 2007, the new AnyDVD single license price will be USD 49.00. Don’t miss this unique chance to save extra money - not only by paying the old price, but also by the unbeatable Christmas promotion!

Now might be the time to get some Slysoft products if you haven’t already bought them.

As a special promotion for Christmas I’d like to offer you a “Christmas Coupon”. Depending on whether you choose to buy, a single license, a double, triple bundle or the full package, this coupon has a value of $5 up to $20. To redeem the coupon just enter the coupon code christmas

I hope my current anydvd license is still good, but I imagine it is and always will be.


The way I read it they are just increasing the price to buy the license. It does say to avoid the new price to buy now so our existing licenses should still be good :clap:

this could be because of MS vista, so we could maybe have to pay for the vista version if we ever upgrade

LOL I hope not as I will be upgrading in a few months after the release.

sorry, that comment of mine was a brain fart, mods can you delete it. lol

No worrys Bjroc, we all have those moments.:iagree:

didn’t realize people had brain farts in Forfar as well :bigsmile:

That’s what some of us might call a Blonde Moment :bigsmile:

It is. Despite my rant in another threat, there will be no “Vista duty” for existing customers. :slight_smile:
However, the price of AnyDVD will be increased from 39$ to 49$ beginning 1st Jaunary 2007 to cover the additional expenses caused to support Vista.

ROFLAO! :bigsmile:

How much fairer could one get :clap:

I agree Zag. And if you buy it now you only have to pay the 39.00 less the bonus rebate. Great deal.:clap:

Wow…I just purchased last week “Anydvd + CloneDVD +CloneDVD mobile” and with my coupon I paid $63.00 …I feel like it is Christmas time…LOL
ps. Very Happy Thanks