AnyDVD Signed Drivers for Vista x64

Now that Vista has gone RTM and is available on MSDN and will soon be available to businesses, any word on when a signed driver 64-bit driver will be available. I guess this would also apply for all the SlySoft products using drivers.

You can use AnyDVD with Vista x64, you just have to F8 and shut off driver signature checking every time you boot up. If you don’t, you will lose access to all CD/DVD devices. This is kind of a pain in the neck, but I can live with it for now.

As a registered user for years now, I know Slysoft as always been awesome about quick and regular updates. I know they will come through with a signed driver soon!

This has been discussed I’m sure they will get a workaround but if you search " Vista " you’ll see a few post on this. Here’s one.

I did see that post and a few others that were related. There was a response from Slysoft that they were going to to sign the drivers until Vista was RTM, this is totally understandable.

Unfortuantely the:

// Disable enforcement – no signing checks
Bcdedit.exe –set nointegritychecks ON

doesn’t seem to do anything on the RTM vista. You still have to F8 and disable it that way. Not too big of a deal. I was hoping someone from Slysoft would be able to offer some insight.

Give them time I’m sure he’ll say something. Also the other members may have some insight too.

No fixed date yet, my guess would be January 2007.