AnyDVD serial not working

Hi im new to this site and im having a problem with anydvd
I installed it then copied the serial to the registry. It was working fine.
Until a message popped up telling me there was a newer version available. i downloaded the newer version and it went back to the 21 day trial. so i uninstalled it and removed the registry edit. then i installed the older version and the old serial. it came up saying that my trial period has expired and it wouldn’t let me use it. so lately i’ve just been deleting the registry key and i get my 21 day trial. but doing this gets annoying.

btw i lost my original key cos my computer was stolen so i used a key off the net

Can anyone help me.

Only Slysoft can help you. I suggest you send in a support ticket with all your information.

i did nothin came back for days
until yesterday it said that my key was found on file sharing comunities

Unfortunately, we can’t support you whilst you’re using a cracked copy.

However, there is a way to retrieve the key you got when you originally purchased the software:

Go to:

Use the email address you used to purchase the software, and you should be able to retrieve your lost key.

Also, Alan’s advice is good. It’s all we can do, unfortunately.

Then you have violated their EULA agreement and we can be of no more help. I am closing this thread.