AnyDVD seems to conflict

…with something I am running… I just don’t know what.

I have the lastest versions of AnyDVD, WinDVD 7, Nero, CloneDVD2, CloneCD and Alcohol running on my system. And since installing AnyDVD I can’t get WinDVD to open let alone play a disc. This might not aggrivate some people but I don’t see the point of backing up my movies if I can’t watch them. I have messed around with as many settings in each program trying to get these bad boyz to work together. I’ve installed them in different orders but to no avail. As soon as the last of these programs is installed (regardless of order) I can’t open WinDVD.

Any suggestions as to what I need to do?

have you tried to disable Anydvd when u want to use Windvd? by right clicking on the fox logo in your task bar and selecting “exit” ? if anydvd caused the problem while running in the background, to it without it running when you dont need it.

Yes I did.

I turned off all the autorun features of all the programs too.

i dont know if u also tried to uninstall then reinstall Windvd? or tried the latest drivers for Windvd?

but if all else fails, use what i do, Windows Media Player 10. I think its easier to use then Windvd.

Just a question, and correct me if I’m confused, but to update the latest WinDVD drivers do I not need to be able to open WinDVD?

im pretty sure u can go to and download them

I use WinDVD7 and AnyDVD and I am not having any problem. I did have alot fo problems when I had alcohol installed which is why I quit using it a long time ago.

Well I got rid of Alcohol and I was still having the same issue… so I decided to turf WinDVD (which is tragic, I may have even shed a tear) and installed PowerDVD (which made me cry like a little girl, I hate Cyberlink) and everything seems to work fine again.

Thanks for all your suggestions. One day I hope that I can start using WinDVD again… until then sweet DVD player I will long for thee.


I also purchased WinDVD 7 recently and I’m having the same problem. I’ve never used AnyDVD but maybe some other software in my PC is screwing it up. I try to run WinDVD but it does nothing. I already have PowerDVD installed, but I purchased WinDVD anyway cuz I did get to try the trial a few months ago and I loved it. I gotta find a way to make it work!!! If anyone finds any info on this issue, please let us know!

WinDVD 7 doesn’t work for me either (I only tried the evaluation version), regardless if AnyDVD is installed or not. WinDVD 6 did work fine. Not so tragic, as for me ZoomPlayer together with the PowerDVD 6 direct show filters and the reclock filter is the best for my “DVD watching pleasure”.

Since this seems to not be an issue with AnyDVD alone, I made a thread about it in the Reading & Playing Software section.