AnyDVD screen Problem

i try to explain it… The program window, most of it is transperant and i can’t see any option properbly…

Has any body experience this? I have had it for all version of AnyDVD and now come the day that i decide i need AnyDVD for everyday uses.

Never heard of this before… really weird! Do you have any “nice and shiny desktop enhancements” installed?


Here is a screenshot… i try to test it on my brothers computer as well.

any idea yet?

Did you un- and install it again?


Have you tried the latest AnyDVD beta

Please try AnyDVD beta. It uses a new version of Theme Manager, maybe this helps.
If this doesn’t help, check if you have the newest drivers for your graphics card installed. Set your desktop to HiColor (16Bit) or TrueColor (32Bit).

Also check that screen font size is set to normal.

This is probably related to the monitor DPI. My machine did that also, but I just exited ANYDVD from memory, loaded it back, and it was fine for that porition of the problem.

thx… i uninstall and installl 4.5.51 and it works now. thx