AnyDVD Safe Mode

I recently purchased AnyDVD and install it correctly and the legally purchased key works fine.
But, I had tried an early version of AnyDVD and I remember that something made it turn on Safe Mode. Now my version has Safe Mode greyed out. I can not remove Safe Mode and when I try to use Pinnacle iCopy 8.0 the procedure crashes.
Any ideas on how to remove Safe Mode so I can get on with backing up my legal copy of Bruce_Almighty?

If it’s greyed out, and I don’t know why, why do you want to remove it? Is it forced “on” or “off”. I guess it’s “off”?

It is forced ON.
And according to a post I read here that Safe Mode must be turned off when using Pinnacle Instant Copy 8.

Originally posted by sargeone
It is forced ON.
And according to a post I read here that Safe Mode must be turned off when using Pinnacle Instant Copy 8.

You’re using Windows 9x/ME, right?
Safe Mode is for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server only.

Yes I am using Win98SE. Thanks for the quick solution to THAT problem. But, of course that didn’t solve my crashing problem.
Oh well, back to the drawing board.

I assume there is “one driver too many” on your 9x box.
9x io subsystem drivers have a tendency to clash, because the 9x callback system is broken by design.

Check Windows\System\IoSubSys for things you’ve probably already forgotten.

Removing SCSI1HLP.VXD may help as well (you’ll need to reboot to see any effect).

Since i have been forced to use SAFE MODE all the time,otherwise it locks up the windows explorer(not the internet one),and i cannot browse any drives.

Only got 6 days left to evaluate it now…:confused:
So what features am i missing being only able to run it on safe mode?
Any ideas on how i could troubleshoot the problem?

XP Pro (sp1+latest updates)
Nero 6 (latest version)
Athlon 64
Daemon Tools
PGP Virtual Disk
Sony DRU500
Liteon CD-R

Use AnyDVD

Okay,what i mean is every version between and,i have had the same problem with the explorer …ie i click My Computerand get nothing…uninstall AnyDVD,and it works again,only recently did i realise their was a Safe Mode in AnyDVD,that would enable me to run AnyDVD,without any explorer problems,but only in AnyDVD SAFE Mode

Hope dats a bit clearer

Ah, I see. What else is installed on your computer?

Check the ‘upper filters’ and ‘lower filters’ entries of the CD-Rom class, or list all drivers of the CD-Rom class by using device manger (pick any CD-ROM->Properties->Driver->Details)

Lower Filters

Driver : AnyDVD
Description : Watch & copy any DVD!
Version :
Company : SlySoft, Inc.

Driver : Pfc
Description : Padus® ASPI Shell
Version : 2, 5, 0, 195
Company : Padus, Inc.

Driver : ElbyDelay
Description : Elby Delay Lower Filter Driver
Version : 4, 3, 0, 0
Company : Elaborate Bytes

Driver : ElbyCDFL
Description : ElbyCDIO Filter Driver
Version : 4, 2, 0, 0
Company : Elaborate Bytes AG

Upper Filters

Driver : InCDPass
Description : Ahead RW Filter Driver
Version : 4, 0, 7, 2
Company : Ahead Software

Anything looking out of place?


Very often INCD causes a problem with other burning software.


> Driver : ElbyCDFL
Description : ElbyCDIO Filter Driver
Version : 4, 2, 0, 0
Company : Elaborate Bytes AG

this is a pretty old one, and there were bugfixes made.
You can update it by installing the new CloneCD (from SlySoft). If your registration is not accepted, don’t worry. Just install it in a different directory and leave the elby Version where it is.
Old CloneCD will work with the new Filter. Hope this helps.

However, I just tried your configuration: Installed the old ElbyCDFL.sys, installed InCD. rebooted, and the machine works fine with AnyDVD (I haven’t really used InCD, just checked if the machine freezes)

Can someone explain which is the “real” difference between normal and safe mode? performance?

I have tried anyDVD in an XP with several burning programs installed: Alcohol (not the last, the previous), CloneCD and Nero 6.

I have an nforce2 system which had the nvidia IDE driver (now switched back to MS ones) but somethins went worng and if I use AnyDVD in safe mode it works ok, if I use it in normal mode the explorer freezes up.

I want to keep away, as far as possible, the reinstallation of the OS and I want to know if I’m lossing something if I have anyDVD in safe mode.


Hi Olli,

I have traced whats causing the shell to lockup,and can reproduce the lockup everytime…

Basically for me …its Daemon Tools (3.33),if i run AnyDVD in NON-SAFE mode with all my virtual drives enabled in the Drive section of ANYDVD,then try to mount an ISO in Daemon tools,it will start freezing up,where as if i either run ANyDVD in safe mode with all drives enabled it will work fine,also if i uncheck my virtual drives in AnyDVD and run it in NON-SAFE mode it works also…

So summing up,it aint really a problem with AnyDVD,just me incorrectly setting it up…(i imagine its in a README somewhere :confused: )


EDIT:Wishful thinking im afraid,when i tried to rip a DVD from a physical drive,it locked up again.
I have also installed the latest version of ElbyCDIO Filter Driver,like you recommended

Though AnyDVD works flawlessly in Safe Mode,and i can rip DVD`s on the fly,and is probably worth the purchase on that just alone (even if i gotta use safe mode all the time)…


if safe mode works for you, this is fine. It is not slower than normal mode.

Only difference is, that some programs (InstantCopy, DVDXCopy, DVDCopy, …) will bypass AnyDVD with there own drivers.

ElbyCDIO (CloneDVD, DVDDecrypter), NERO ASPI (Recode, Nero), SPTI ( PowerDVD, …, a lot) and many others will work fine in AnyDVD safe mode. If you only plan to use such programs, or if you can specify SPTI for I/O (like with Alcohol 120%), Safe Mode has no disadvantage.

I hope this is useful information.