AnyDVD running in background, but nothing happens



Bought AnyDVD a few days ago. Tried it on a few movies…and it doesn’t seem to be working. Got the forgotten last night, ripped it with DVD Decrypter, and i got that damn ‘dummy sectors’ message. Also, it didn’t jump to the main menu like i had set it up to do after burning…Isn’t AnyDVD supposed to do that? I see the little fox near my clock, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything when I rip and burn…Can anyone help with this? Thank you…


AnyDVD now removes bad sectors that were purposely put on new DVDs to prevent copying. Movies like ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Little Black Book’, ‘The Grudge’, and ‘The Forgotten’ are protected with bad sectors. Problems on earlier versions which caused some movies to loose chapters or parts of the DVD.


You really don’t need anydvd with decrypter if you have the latest version of decrypter. It removes protection by itself. The latest version of decrypter is


Why would you want to use two copy protection removal programs to rip one dvd. That’s what I call overkill. AnyDVD runs in the background to remove copy protection.

All you need is either AnyDVD and DVDShrink or Decryptor and DVDShrink!


Upgrade to AnyDVD’s latest version:
And I would suggest using it with CloneDVD2. Worth trying.


Actually, all you really need is DVD Shrink, not DVD Decrypter + DVD Shrink. I’ve used it numerous times with AnyDVD disabled and it worked fine with no problems (though I usually leave AnyDVD enabled anyway just to be safe). Why does everyone keep saying you need to use Decrypter with it?


because the development of Shrink ceased long ago (primary developer works on Recode2 for NERO now) and therefore the most recent version of Shrink has trouble with copy-protection schemes that debuted after the last version i.e. Arccos, etc.


so does this mean open up dvd decrypter, leave it then start dvd shrink and run it while dvd decryper is running in the background or is there something else I should be doing with dvd decrypter besides just opening it up? :confused:


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This is the Any DVD Forum and as such discussion should be focused on the AnyDVD software program. Discussions of other DVD copying software programs should be discussed in another Forum and not here.

If you would like to discuss the AnyDVD software program that fine and dandy but discussing a software program that has ceased development long ago in this forum is inappropriate.

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What they mean is, rip the DVD with Decrypter and then shrink down the resulting files with DVD Shrink.


Thank you very much. :slight_smile: