AnyDVD & Roxio Software

I have been burning DVDs for over a year now using the AnyDVD and Roxio software. I recently got a virus and had to delete everything and start over. Now, the AnyDVD program is up and running but won’t decrypt and of the DVDs that I put into the burner. The software says that they are CSS encrypted…I have never had a problem before. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

I will help on this the first thing anyone will ask is what version of any dvd ( don’t say the latest version) DVD Drive using and the firmware what region. The more information you give the better the help will be. :bigsmile:

Disable Safe Mode in AnyDVD preferences.

How interesting Tru! And confusing…

So Safe Mode is not always a benign feature in all situations? Per your experiences, under what other conditions ([I]and why[/I]) might being in Safe Mode bite us? Hardware? Software? …both?

I really don’t understand how the Safe Mode feature works so I can’t guess when or when not to use it … other than to keep disabling it in my bag of tricks if I ever encounter a problem.


I am just drawing conclusions from this: