AnyDvd Ripper

I just recently got AnyDVD and whenever I use the ripper that came with AnyDVD as soon as it finished all the files the last thing is Video_TS and it says processing & stays on half completed and never finishes, why?

I am not sure what you mean by half finished?? Do you mean it rips the dvd to your hard drive and then you need a program to write it to a dvd such as nero or clonedvd depending on the size of the file to write to a dvd5 or a dvd9( which is a double layer dvd)??.

I hope this is more clear…

I stick the DVD into my DVD-drive(any movie) and it rips all the files to the harddrive then it gets to the last step:

Processing Video_TS… and the green bar goes shows up with it at 50% and it just sits there and never completes.

How do i fix this?

The best way to use AnyDVD is to let it run in the background and then start ripping with DVD Shrink and burn with Nero.

how do i use anydvd configured with dvd shrink , any guides???
i already have dvd shrink setup to burn with nero.

Are [B]all[/B] the files completely ripped LIChamp15? If so, I think this is a GUI bug. I’ve seen it before.

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Most certainly the CD Freaks Forum has Copy DVD Movie Guides and Tutorials. The Guides and Tutorials are located in the in the Copy DVD Movie Guides and Tutorials Forum ( There are numerous helpful Guides and Tutorials contained in the Copy DVD Movie Guides and Tutorials Forum, which should provide the information you are looking for.

It might be helpful if you took a “Tour Review” of all the various Forums and sub-Forums that are available to the CD Freaks Forum Members.


Your problem hasn’t been addressed, and you shouldn’t have to use Shrink (which, by the way, is not necessarily best program to use with Anydvd). I have no idea why Anydvd ripper hangs on your system, but answering this post first might help:

Also, do you notice any scratches on the back of the dvd you are trying to rip? How much free hard drive space do you have?

linx05, if it’s a GUI bug with Anydvd, then perhaps you should let Slysoft know, so a fix can be implemented?