AnyDVD Ripper

Finally had a reason to use AnyDVD Ripper, went flawlessly. CloneDVD2 and 1Click Pro neither one would read the disc completely so I used “The Ripper” and then used CloneDVD2 and got a great copy.
Thanks Slysoft, what a great product you have.

What Movie?

I think by reading this post they were commending Slysoft for a great product not a problem. That’s how I took it.

I was just curious on what movie he needed to use the ripper on.


There are a number of new movies out there that are best ripped with AnyDVD.


It was a slightly scratched TV DVD I have.

Has anyone got the crack for ANYDVD 5961

I suggest you read the rules. We don’t allow this question to be asked. This is a semi-official support board for slysoft and they come in here to help when needed to so you won’t get your answer here.

Please no crack questions. Anydvd is very worth it to buy, plus they have a trial version that is free to download to see if you like it. Remember if you get a cracked version it will not work when newer versions come out that handle newer protections, plus many cracks actually cause issues in ripping and are the cause of many ‘why can’t I rip this dvd?’ questions that I have seen. Also if you buy it you get free upgrades. :wink:

thank you…