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I have used AnyDVD and been having some problems with AnyDVD’s Ripper. When using it and then re-coding with DVD Rebuilder v1.0.8.1, I get crashes in DVD Rebuilder or faulty Menus. However, everything is fine when just copying the VIDEO_TS folder using Windows Explorer. This does not happen which use CloneDVD, but that of course is using Transcoding instead of Recoding.

Anybody have any ideas why AnyDVD’s Ripper seems to cause problems for me or is there something I’m missing. Thanks :confused:


If you don’t have problems with clonedvd and the rip is still fine then i guess maybe some wrong settings in dvd-rb.


Did you check if AnyDVDs ripper copied ALL files that are on the DVD to the destination folder?
In my case AnyDVDs ripper “forgot” some files and so I switched back to dvd-decrypter (with disabled decss, macrovision, …).


Don’t believe it is a problem with dvd-rb since it works fine when copied with Windows Explorer.


Well, I can’t answer the original issue here, but I can ask that why to use AnyDVD ripper, or any other ripper alltogether? I mean for just to rip there is no need for any ripper program because AnyDVD makes it so that you can do that simple file copy with explorer…

I’m just curious :-p


@ olmari,

Suggest using the magic Forum “Search” button and Search for “AnyDVD Ripper”. The features of the “AnyDVD Ripper” have been discussed in great detail in numerous pervious Forum postings.

It’s impolite to attempt to highjack to original poster’s posting.

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Funny, I always tough that “stuff removal” etc was AnyDVD’s task and that ripper is there just for convinient… Sorry. :bow:


I believe the general idea is if you’re having problems with Anydvd normally, then try to use Anydvd ripper instead. In some cases, there’s no need to use it (especially if dvd-rebuilder can handle structural issues that Shrink cannot). If one method works for you, then no issue exists.


VOB Blanker is a good tool too if shrink and the ripper don’t work it’s a lragnthy process time consuming but it does work. I had to use it a few times.