AnyDVD ripper vs. DVD Decrypter

Can anyone explain the differences in using the AnyDVD ripper vs. DVD Decrypter in “File Mode”. The reason I’m asking is because I primarily use DVD Rebuilder and I don’t want any issues related to pre processing. Thanks.

anydvd’s ripper fixes structural errors as it rips (runs FixVts on the files) and it seems, based on the new update, it will remove bad sectors and things as well.

other than that they do the same thing…rip a disc to files on the hard drive.

DVDD can rip to Images, and Anydvd cannot.

Thanks for the reply. After doing a search I was able to find this post which reports a problem with AnyDVD Ripper and DVD Rebuilder. I guess I’ll just stick with DVD Decrypter, unless someone can suggest a better ripper that won’t process the files. Since AnyDVD Ripper is enabled by default does this mean that I can’t just drag and drop the video folder? Thanks.

I am using
AnyDVD (and previously, one version earlier)
DVD-RB-PRO 1.09.2 March 29th (and previously, one version earlier)

With absoultely no problems. I really like this combination! Cannot be happier! (Well, maybe, if DL DVD+R’s were cheaper!)

The post is talking about an old version. AnyDVD has been released which should work with DVD Rebuilder right away, you don’t need to use AnyDVD ripper (only in “special cases”). Just process the files directly from the DVD.

Does “drag and drop” do any processing when AnyDVD is enabled?

Yes, of course! As does the “copy” command from the command prompt. Or accessing your computer with AnyDVD running over the network. AnyDVD is a driver working transparently in the background.

Another thing to keep in mind is dvd decrypter isn’t updated no more so there could be times it won’t decrypted a dvd. Where any dvd is always updated to be able to copy.

Although you can get around that by continuing to use DVD Decrypter but selecting ElbyCDIO as the I/O interface (providing you have AnyDVD installed).