AnyDVD ripper updated?

We all know the AnyDVD ripper uses code from FixVTS. But with each update of the program (FixVTS) is the same done for AnyDVD?

that seems like something only sysoft would know (or at least it would probably be quicker to get the answer out of them)

try support(at)slysoft(dot)com

also if you do hear back, be sure to post the result in this thread!

I, for one, have no idea.

Will do. Email sent. I thought of sending them an email first, but then I thought it would be better to share the knowledge to the rest of the community.

definitely a good thought! like i said, be sure to let us know what they say.

i’m not sure i’ve noticed any fixvts updates in the changelogs for anydvd so I have no idea what my guess would be as to the answer. I’ve never seen it asked on the forum either.


Thanks for the answer James. Could it be updated please? It has some really good updates.

@ linx05,

Why does SlySoft need to update the “AnyDVD Ripper” each time the developers of FixVTS issue a version update?

What is not functioning properly with the “AnyDVD Ripper” and needs to be improved that necessitates this action?

Perchance if you provided this information possibly SlySoft would be receptive of your suggestion of updating the SlySoft AnyDVD software program when the developers of FixVTS issue a version update to FixVTS.

Best Regards,

Do you have a particular problem with the AnyDVD ripper?
In my tests FixVTS 1.3 and 1.4 do not work as well as older versions.
You must know that a lot of work is already done by the core AnyDVD part, so there is no need to update AnyDVD ripper everytime if FixVTS is updated.

Well apart from this, I’ve had no problems.

I didn’t mean for AnyDVD to be updated every time there was a new release. James, could I see those tests please? I am interested.

You should try to untick “remove unrefereced and blank cells”. It doesn’t work 100%.
The main purpose of the AnyDVD ripper is to repair the VOBU tables, otherwise CloneDVD2 would abort with “Invalid Navigation Pack Errors”.
We are thinking of replacing the “FixVTS” part with our own stuff.

Actually, each of the updates to FixVTS have addressed issues and been improvements in my opinion. But I expect these improvements show up primarily when FixVTS is launched from within PGCEdit as a result of the plug-in to clean-up intentionally inserted bad sectors and garbage in ripped files. So they may not be of concern to users of AnyDVD.

version 1.3 was quite a major update. v 1.4 and 1.401 fixed some tables in VMG. If anydvd already takes care of these tables, it will not need the update.

Still, 1.24, which I think anydvd uses is quite out of date and unless the core AnyDVD code replicates this, it is prone to the errors.