AnyDVD Ripper question

I’m guessing that the Source Directory is the place where the disc to be ripped is located, but what are we supposed to put in for Destination Directory? Is it easy to find the stored file with DVDshrink, or with Sonic Digital Media, or should I go directly to DVD decrypter—will this program find the file easily? Will the new file be automatically deleted in DVD decrypter or Sonic upon successful completion of the burn if that option is checked? What other questions should I be asking?

Thanks for the help!

The destination dir. is where you want the ripped files to go. Where ever you rip them to, you would naturally load it up in DVD Shrink etc.

I don’t know of any option in DVD Decrypter that will delete the files after a burn but if Sonic has that feature, it will do exactly that.

In DVD decrypter, once you start a burn, toward the top right, you have a place where you have some options: one is whether to verify the burn, one is whether to delete the file after the burn, and one is whether to turn off the computer upon finishing. (At least that is the way the version I have works…)

Thanks for the info!

i have made a folder in My Documents just as the dvddecrypter destination folder, that way i can find it.