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With AnyDVD running, how is just using explorer to copy the files to my hard drive any different than using DVDDecrypter? Isn’t AnyDVD supposed to be doing all the things and more that dvddecrypter did? I hear about people using anydvd along with decrypter but I’m wondering what the point is. I don’t usually use DVDDecrypter. Usually I just use AnyDVD/DVDShrink but if I’m in a hurry to be done with my original, I’ve been using DVDDecrypter with AnyDVD running to rip the disc to the hard drive for processing by DVDShrink at a later date. Would it be any different if I just copied the files using explorer with AnyDVD running? I had read somewhere a while back that you were supposed to disable certain parts of DVDDecrypter if you had AnyDVD but I can’t seem to find that post now and I don’t want to be messing up my files doing DVDDec and AnyDVD both…


The main reason most use it is because of creating an ISO Image then burning to a dual layer disc.


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Below is the AnyDVD/DVDDecrypter CD Freaks posting I believe you were looking for. Note #5 and #8 posting comments. Using the CD Freak “Magic” Search button will reveal an innumerous amount of information.

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I use DVDD with AnyDVD because… if Explorer encounters a file it won’t copy for some reason (scratched/dirty disk, problem with protection, etc.), it just cr*ps out with an error. Since it does not copy the files in order, I have to match up what got copied with what didn’t and figure out what still needs to be copied over.

Also, DVDD can hammer away at a bad disc and “usually” pull the files off - explorer can’t.