AnyDVD registry recovery


I have just suffered a HD crash on my desktop system and had to buy a new hard drive, so unfortunately I lost all my registration codes. I registered anydvd a long long time ago, and unfortunately I cannot find my backup of the reg file. Is there any way I can copy the key accross from the registry on my laptop to the registry on my desktop to get it working?

Hopefuly I am correct in thinking that as I have purchased the registration once that I am free to use it on both my computers as long as they are both owned by me. If this is not the case than probably best to just ignore this post.

I have tried to do a registry search and copied all the anydvd files I could find from one machine to the other but this still doesn’t work. Is there any way that I can use anydvd legally on my desktop again or am I relegated to using my laptop for all my future copying needs.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer…

i don’t know much about the registry, but you are allowed to have it installed on both PC’s, but not to use them at the same time, on your laptop, you will still have the serial no there, write it down, i’m not sure if you can install it manually, but you can email slysoft with this number and the may resend you your key

you can use the product on both computers as long as they’re not being used at the same time. ie, one at home and one at work is ok, but 2 computers set up to rip at the same time to double your backup capabilities is not ok and requires a second license.

i’m not sure about how to pull the license out of the registry (or f it’s even possible) if you don’t have a hard copy of your registration key you can try emailing support(at) with as much purchase info as possible (the order number from the email is a very good start!) and they may be able to send you a replacement.

be warned though that on their site it explicitly states that sending a replacement is a huge hassle. i’d shoot an email to them while yo’re waiting for someone to respond to the part about getting the key out of the registry.

and once you do get it up and running again be sure to make a hard copy backup and keep it in a safe place like they tell you to do about 50 times in the order process!

Thanks for the quick replies, at least I know I can legally use anydvd on both my machines. I have managed to get clonedvd working fine by copying the rgistry files accross, but anydvd is not working for me. If i had the original email I would be able to contact slysoft to ask for help, but unfortunately all my emails were on the HD that was wiped out.

Unfortunately I did have a safe place for a disk with all my registration keys on it, but that seems to have gone astray in the 4 house moves I have done in the last few years.

I’ll keep trying and see what I come up with… Thanks

@ tdawson,

Perchance have you searched your Laptop for the AnyDVD Registration Key? The AnyDVD Registration Key will be either be “Key.AnyDVD” or “AnyDVD.Reg”.

If you are unable to locate your AnyDVD Registration Key suggest contacting SlySoft and explaining your situation. The more information you can provide when E-mailing SlySoft will speed up the response from SlySoft. Include your Name and the Serial Number which you will be able to obtain from your working copy of AnyDVD. Below is the E-Mail address for SlySoft.

support(at) (replace (at) with @).

Best Regards,

The Key for AnyDVD is stored here ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Key’

Open Regedit browse to the above location, highlight ‘key’ and choose File > Export.

Copy and Save onto your desktop PC.

thanks for that

Thanks for the assistance, I now have anydvd working fine on both machines. My kids now love me again because it means I don’t have to kick them off the laptop whenever I want to copy a dvd :slight_smile:

many thanks to you all

better export both your SS keys and save them to disk
so that you do not lose your last key copy

CDFreaks: bringing families together :slight_smile:

This shows how easy a “visitor” could get somebody’s legit keys
for eg export keys to a mini USB device!!!

I wonder if there is someway to lock the registry

this whole thread bothers me.

if someone broke into my house and the only thing they stole was my anydvd registry key, i’d be very happy! :slight_smile:

your average computer user doesn’t even know how ot access the registry much less look for a specific key and know how to export it.

my guess is that you probably shouldn’t worry about this unless you have a multitude of dodgy computer saavy buddies that you allow unsupervised access to your computer :wink:

that’s reall the only circumstance it could happen (unless your registry is accessible from the net…but if that’s the case you have a lot worse problems than a couple of registry keys being blacklisted…)

aww c’mon. you have to give the benefit of the doubt SOMEtimes…

The first poster claims to have access to a computer device that he owns with legit keys
the registry “hacks” are not SS program hacks since the keys are freely visible in the registry and are not coded or otherwise hidden or encypted
they are exactly the same as the reg key sent by SS

so I see no problem helping out this poster and is a legit way of recovering lost keys and in fact helpful to SS, because now they would no longer have to answer those emails asking for lost keys

no my computer is very secure to all known and unknow outside computer hacks
I was just making a comment about a “legit visitor” ie a friend or relative who is only 99.9% ethical. Great programs you have, um could you get me a glass of water

edit to add
I found this simple script program and it is FREE and will lock the registry tools regedit and and prevent addition of .reg files
but does not prevent legit program based additions to registry ie you can add SS reg keys for example
it clicks to enable locking and click agin to disable locking
states a reboot may be required but I found that a reboot is not necessary to enable/disable get here

isn’t the fact that it’s just clicking and not password or encryption based defeat the purpose of locking the registry against computer-nerd reg-key thieves?

let’s face it. if someone wants to steal something or add something to your registry, they know their way around a computer and will be able to figure out how to unlock this program.

unless it can be run from a usb thumbdrive that is kept on you at all times…that way the would-be reg-stealer wouldn’t be able to find a registry securing program on your system (because it’s not on your system)