AnyDVD Registration Key Assistance Needed!



Hey World Of Movie Buffs and Computer Geekers,

I know that out of all you brilliant minded people .
Someone can answer this question for me.
Why won’t the link to open my registration key to AnyDVD work?
I purchased the product from the tab button on the trial version.
It sent me to the home page of
I received the e-mail confirmation and a link to get the Registration Key, but it won’t allow me to open that site.
I was told to right click on the link and Save Target As.
It won’t work this way either.
Please someone come up with a solution to this problem that I’m experiencing

                          Thanks All !!! :bow:


Are you talking about right clicking in your Email client to save target as? Did Slysoft tell you to right click? What Email client are you using? What happens when you try to open the site, what message do you get? The link you provided goes to a review of the software on this forum.



The poster didn’t provide the link it is a feature of the board, if a post contains the words that relate to an article on the site the board creates the link automatically, like for the word booktype.

It sounds like you may have an e-mail service where they have de-activated the links. Is it just text like the rest of the e-mail or is the text of the link different? Have you tried to copy and paste the link into the browser address bar? THis usually works for me when a link won’t work as instructed in the e-mail.