AnyDVD Registration Ino! Please Read!

Hi there, I am writing this so that hopefully my experience will help someone else. I purchased a key from Slysoft for AnyDvd recently, and low and behold it won’t work. First let me start by saying this:


Apparently you are not allowed to install this program on any other drive due to the conflicts with the system and the registry. So you know, for the people that like to maintain a seperate drive for their operating system, and another separate one for their programs, you CANNOT install this on any other drive than your C drive. I know, because I have tried it on multiple drives with no luck. The registration key just does not work if you install the program in any other drive other than the C drive. Of course Slysoft is never able to include this in their possible trouble shooting support. Nor do their staff apparently think to give you some help in this. If you are getting an error that states that the registration has failed, and you had attempted to install this in another drive, simply uninstall and reinstall in C. Please let my hours of wasted life and experience help someone else!


thanks for the contribution. if you think of what anydvd does this restriction does make sense though.

it works on a driver level mediating between the drive itself and the computer. I’m not sure that it’s possible to for anydvd to do its job from other than the system drive.

if this assumption is incorrect I’m sure someone will be by to correct me :slight_smile:

either way, this post adds a valid troubleshooting tip for many people with the “will not register” issues. I’ve never thought to suggest this as a possible problem.

Totally untrue!!!
It may not be working for you for whatever reason
I install all SS programs on a D partition and have used other letters as well
and never had a single problem
registration occurs normally and when installing an update, it installs into the correct partition and folder

It dose not behoove you to post such a sweeping statememt based on your lone solitary single isolated case

I wonder if installing on a partition, which is actually the same physical drive as C:\ accounts for zaq’s lack of problems. I.E. maybe it’s a problem to install on a separate physical drive.


I second that. I have AnyDVD installed on the “I:” drive.


I doubt it. There’s most likely some other conflict going on there. Besides, Reasons is partially correct…part of AnyDVD does get installed to the windows\system32 directory…the ElbyCDIO.dll driver. The AnyDVD gui stuff, however, can be installed on any drive you want. Besides, he’s talking about registration not working if AnyDVD isn’t installed on C, not the program itself. I don’t have the means to test this situation currently on any of my machines, but, I HIGHLY doubt that it’s a problem with AnyDVD. I’ve been wrong before, so, it’s entirely possible…

This is a single user problem and we will try to help
I have installed ss programs on same hdd and some times diff hdd partitions to see if they run faster and never have had a problem
the registry keeps a track of where the install occurs
for eg
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SlySoft\AnyDVD (Path=d:\Program Files (x86)\SlySoft\AnyDVD)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\RegAnyDVD (Default=d:\Program Files (x86)\SlySoft\AnyDVD\RegAnyDVD.exe)

Hope that helps
possiby the OP’s registry is corrupted

Tru And Sami
yes you guys are right
there is some install of common file on c drive which cannot be changed by user

@ JoeyCole4,

I am sorry but I have to totally disagree with you.

I have the SlySoft AnyDVD-CloneDVD-CloneCD software program combination installed on totally independent IDE D:\ drives on two different computer systems without any problems. I have been using theses computers over a year in this configuration with numerous version updates without any problems.

I do not know/understand what Your problem could be but I can assure you that is absolutely no problems installing SlySoft AnyDVD-CloneDVD-CloneCD software and “Registering” on drives other than C:\ .

Possible your problem could be Windows Registry corruption problem. I am sorry but I don’t have the time or inculcation to trouble shoot a problem that doesn’t affect me. I am sure other knowledgeable Forum Members will attempt to assist you.

Best Regards,

Well thank you for all the replies. I admit that my problem may possibly be limited to myself and my registry, however odd that may be. I have had a similar problem with ITunes. I had attempted to install both of these programs (AnyDVD & ITunes) on multiple partitions of the same drive, and multiple partitions on separate hard drives with similar results. The programs would not work correctly unless installed on the C drive. AnyDVD like I stated above would not register correctly, while ITunes wouldn’t load correctly. In any case it became neccesary for me to install both programs under the C drive. I wonder what operating systems the rest of you replied with are running? I have Windows XP Pro. Could this be a possibility in problems with such registry issues? I don’t know, I shouldn’t have stated that AnyDVD must be installed in the C drive, but rather suggested to people who have this problem that this may be a possible solution. Thanks to everyone for replying.