AnyDVD Refresh Rate Bug

Whenever I insert DVD my desktop refresh rate get turned down to 75Hz.

You can click the “DEFAULT” button in AnyDVD settings to repair invalid refresh rate settings.

What in CHRIST’S NAME are you both talking about? Refresh rates? AnyDVD? HUH!?!?!?!?!?

AnyDVD can start external programs depending on the media inserted. (Settings->External). SlySoft ships a command line tool “SetDisplayFrequency.exe” with AnyDVD, so you can adjust the refresh rate depending on the inserted DVD (NTSC/PAL).
I don’t use it, I use PowerStrip instead.

Yikes, never noticed that. Heh. How utterly… well I suppose for people with TV-out…

… or TV’s / Beamers with VGA or DVI in … :slight_smile: